Winners of the latest Solana Season Hackathon announced »CryptoNinjas

Winners of the latest Solana Season Hackathon announced »CryptoNinjas


The Solana Foundation, the regulator and main supporter of the Solana blockchain platform, today announced the winners of the Solana Season hackathon, which attracted 350 project teams from East Asia, India, Eastern Europe, Africa, Vietnam and Brazil to participate in the construction of the decentralized center. Solana’s application on the tier 1 blockchain.

Grand Prize Winner

Among 39 outstanding projects in DeFi, NFT, Web3 and other fields, the under-collateralized DeFi options platform Zeta.Markets became the grand prize winner. Zeta.Markets was established with a mission to enable anyone to hedge, speculate and express opinions on unlimited market trends. It will launch a hybrid order book and automated market making platform to achieve efficient pricing, deep liquidity and higher The capital efficiency is through the portfolio margin function. Zeta.Market is supported by Pyth Oracles and plans to integrate with Serum DEX, which is the first central limit order book (CLOB) built on Solana for trading, data, pricing, and risk management.

runner up

The runner-ups in the main categories of the hackathon include:

  • Solon, An algorithmic decentralized protocol for borrowing and lending.
  • DeFi land, A multi-chain agricultural simulation online game that aims to gamify decentralized finance.
  • switchboard, A decentralized, community-managed oracle network on Solana.
  • Coral reef, An NFT market.
  • Full art, A protocol for AMM liquidity pools.
  • Bubble, A decentralized event hosting and ticketing dApp.
  • Solarium, A completely decentralized, end-to-end encrypted, anti-censorship instant messaging tool based on Solana blockchain.

Best integration project

As a way to further promote the development of its ecosystem, the Solana Foundation cooperates with other well-known Solana-based encryption projects (such as Serum, KIN, Pyth, and Raydium) to select the projects that can best integrate with their respective technologies to submit.

These winners include:

  • slope, A community-based decentralized exchange, selected by Serum, built on Solana.
  • wheelbarrow, The centralized liquidity market maker on the serum order book.
  • francium, A leveraged income aggregator built on Solana, selected by KIN.
  • Sunshine Farm, Selected by P??yth.
  • Laguna Finance, Selected by Raydium.

Successful hackathon

The hackathon is optimized for scalability to support this generation of consumer applications built on the blockchain, enabling Solana to improve basic documents, tools, and other educational resources to better integrate into its software Developer services in.

Participants are encouraged to build Solana-based applications, and allow hackers to build tools or any infrastructure that they believe will be beneficial to the entire ecosystem. Projects are evaluated according to five categories: functionality, potential impact, novelty, design/user experience, and composability.

For a complete list of projects, click here.

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