Teen mom Jenelle Evans’ husband David cried after 13-year-old daughter Maryssa

JENELLE Evans’ husband David collapsed after his daughter Maryssa’s dark and emotional post attracted fan attention.

This Teen Mom 2 The teenage stepdaughter of the star shared a message about feeling “injured and broken”, which worries the public.


David broke down on his birthdayPhoto Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram
His daughter recently shared a worrying post on social media


His daughter recently shared a worrying post on social mediaCredit: Instagram

Janelle29 years old, shared a video of her husband in her story on Wednesday David Ethan, He is 33 years old today.

The reality TV star magnified the face of her spouse because he was crying because he was old.

Titles of TV Celebrities Her clips: “It’s a pity that he is 33 years old today” because the father of three children is crying in the background.

Jenelle’s post was made after a disturbing message shared by David’s 13-year-old daughter in a previous relationship.


Image credit: maryssa.eason/Instagram
Fans are concerned about this news


Fans are concerned about this newsImage source: maryssa.eason/Instagram

When the child posted a post, it attracted the attention of fans Emotional images about feeling “injured” and “broken”.

On Instagram, the teenager wrote: “I stopped venting and started praying because I don’t need sympathy.

“I need strength-scarred but not broken.”

Teen mom Followers scrambled Reddit Discuss the mysterious post that has been deleted and they marked it as “sad and heartbreaking.”

“Oh my God. The child begs not to be sent back to the swamp. She is still forced to live in the swamp hell. I hope she will come out as soon as possible and take away all the children and animals,” one said.

David shares Marissa with his ex Whitney


David shares Marissa with his ex WhitneyCredit: Instagram
Jenelle’s son comes from two previous relationships


Jenelle’s son comes from two previous relationshipsImage Credit: Instagram/Jenelle Evans

“It’s sad. Poor girl:/” another added, and a third user interjected: “Poor Maryssa. I can’t even imagine her situation.”

“Oh my God, this is so heartbreaking,” the fourth person wrote, and the fifth person agreed: “Poor girl. She has been treated very badly in her life, and I hope she can escape safely as soon as possible. The court failed. Lost her and the others.”

“Fuck, it’s too dark, poor boy,” the last one answered.

At the beginning of this month, Maryssa high school graduation Her father praised her “beautiful and smart” on Douyin.

Maryssa recently graduated from high school


Maryssa recently graduated from high schoolImage source: TikTok @easondavid
David praises his daughter


David praises his daughterImage source: TikTok @easondavid

The axed MTV star shared a video of his older child wearing a hat and gown with her classmates, and then walked across the stage to get her diploma.

On Wednesday, Jenelle faced opposition from many people Fans think she left Marissa in the cold In a new video made to commemorate her child.

The mother of three children shared a clip of her back in time on “Teenage Moms”. She burst into tears and said that she “no one”, “no one cares” her, and “no one loves” her.

“My mother never even told me that she loves me,” she cried, adding: “No one told me they love me.”

Jenelle shared an emotional old clip


Jenelle shared an emotional old clipImage credit: Jenelle Evans / Tiktok
She talks endlessly about how much she


She talks endlessly about how much she “loves” her childImage credit: Jenelle Evans / Tiktok

Then the video switched to the same day, Jenelle was standing in the swimming pool holding her youngest daughter Ensley, talking endlessly about how much she “loves” her child.

Controversial parents explained the four-year-old Jess and Caesar Be her “best friends” and she will love them “forever”.

However, the North Carolina native did not mention Marissa because fans reminded her of this teenager in the comments.

Jenelle did not mention Maryssa in the video


Jenelle did not mention Maryssa in the videoCredit: Getty

“Don’t forget Marisa?!” one following fan wrote, while another suggested: “I told my bonus kid just like I told my son.

“But maybe it’s because I have a good relationship with their mother,” they argued.

Jenelle made sure to clarify the air by responding: “Thank you for your support! I did not forget Maryssa, but I think it is rude to her mother.”

Teen mom Janelle Evans slams the 13-year-old stepdaughter Marisa because she calls her biological child her “best friend”

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