Strategies to manage your own rental property

Strategies to manage your own rental property


From the outside, it seems easy to be a landlord, but once you start, you will quickly discover how difficult it is. Keeping the time you spend on managing properties at a manageable level is critical to your quality of life and the viability of your rental property business. If you are not careful, your profits may decrease along with your happiness. To increase your productivity and efficiency, please consider these strategies for managing rental properties.

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Make a timetable

You will not accept a job that is on standby 24/7 and does not have a fixed timetable, so don’t do such a job for yourself. Develop a schedule for performing specific tasks. If you own one or two properties, this may mean you need to do maintenance, maintenance and paperwork on Friday afternoon. If you have more properties, you can set the date and time for activities such as rent collection, tenant communication, and routine maintenance.

Of course, you may encounter maintenance emergencies or need to meet with tenants outside of your regular schedule. Think of these hours as overtime, and then take some time out of your regular property management plan.

Make a screening plan

If you want to meet with multiple potential tenants, showing an open unit can be a major time consuming. Your approach will depend on the competition. One option is to hold an open day. Another method is to schedule an appointment for two to three hours within a day of your choice. You can also decide to delegate this work to a broker.

Automatic rent collection

Rent collection can be a big trouble. Some landlords like to pick up cash or checks from their properties, but this requires a lot of time and subsequent bookkeeping to ensure that every rent is properly credited.

Some landlords set up automatic transfers through bank bill payment or applications such as Zelle or Venmo. You can also use an invoice application or a dedicated rent collection application.

Consider additional services in the rent

When you rent a house, maintenance work such as lawn care and snow shoveling is sometimes negotiated. Some tenants will work hard to complete these tasks and treat your house as their own. Others may let things slip.

If the tenant cannot keep up with these tasks, it may force you to spend more on maintenance in the future. You may also face a fine from the city or HOA for not shoveling snow or cutting grass. These may be costs that you can pass on to the tenant, but in the long run, it will be easier to deal with it and include the cost in the rent.

Continue to maintain

One way to avoid the time and expense of emergency situations is to keep up with routine maintenance. Most emergencies are ignored because of something worn out or minor problems until it’s too late.

Even if your tenant has not reported any problems, you should still check one of your plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical appliances regularly. Rental property improvement Attracting tenants will also keep your maintenance work in good working order.

Make a financial plan

If you need urgent repairs, you cannot tell your tenant that you have no money. Some maintenance items may be protected by habitability laws, while others are good customer service. You may want to establish a credit line or open a savings account for maintenance funds.

In addition, if you rely on rental income to pay for personal expenses, be prepared for the time when the house is vacant. This may include saving two to three months of rent.

Work with property managers

Whether you have a daily job or retired, you may decide that you are not interested in the landlord’s daily work. The property manager can take care of everything for you at a certain percentage of rent. The exact level of service depends on your needs and the services provided by the property manager.

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