Sixers mock draft roundup: Can Philadelphia find another late-stage gem in 2021?

Sixers mock draft roundup: Can Philadelphia find another late-stage gem in 2021?


The pain of defeat this week still looms over the 76ers, but that doesn’t mean you need to immerse yourself in grief with them. When it comes to the NBA draft, hope will always spring up, and a new wave of ridicule may save you from Ben Jerry’s depression and re-trust your hometown team.

Although not selected from the best positions last season, the 76ers eventually won a gem of Tyrese Maxi, and their work did not stop there. Isaiah Joe and Paul Reid were in Each rookie season showed a bright spot.For Philadelphia, it’s a bit difficult to figure out what the team needs now—at least until they figure it out. Whether they are making a major transaction -The result is a group of boards spread across the map of Philadelphia.

But this is what makes it interesting. After the draw, from the perspective of the 76ers, this was the first wave of ridicule.

Prospect: Miles McBride, G, West Virginia

Drafter: Sam Visenne, Athlete

The following is Vecenie’s evaluation of Mr. McBride:

McBride is one of my favorites in this course. His lateral speed is lightning fast and he is also elite on the offensive end. His game is all pressure. He attacked the opponent with the ball and then attacked while holding the ball on the offensive end. When West Virginia shifted to more four-out offenses in the second half, McBride thrived and looked like a potential senior substitute. If his jump shots continue to appear, he may become a starter.

It may be difficult to add another small guard to a team that has already tried to get Tyrese Maxey to join, but McBride definitely has someone you will bet on to continue to improve to the next level. Image. The 20-year-old guard was selected to the top 12 second teams in the United States last season and made a huge jump in his shooting between his freshman and sophomore seasons. After only shooting 30 points in the 2020-21 season, his shooting The hit rate exceeded 41%. The percentage of the previous year. Considering the small sample size of the college season, this may be a red flag when projecting to the next level, but if there is a problem with the shot, McBride has a good number of free throws and other positive characteristics to rely on.

Taking into account the status of the Philadelphia bench, assuming that jumpers can gain a foothold among professional players, their performance may be worse than a player who can defend offensive points and hit three-pointers.

Prospect: Roko Prkacin, F, Croatia

Drafter: Ricky O’Donnell, SB Country

The following is O’Donnell’s evaluation of Prakacin:

Prka?in is a 6’9 forward with shooting potential (35% shooting in 160 attempts) and creativity as an open-court player. Pukachin didn’t turn 19 years old until the end of November, which made him the youngest player in the draft. With solid all-around skills, good body shape and outstanding performance against adult men in the Adriatic League at such a young age, Pukachin is ideal at some point in the late first round or early second round. The draft and hidden candidates.

I won’t sit here and pretend that I saw the Adriatic League on the second screen on weekday nights this season, but even a cursory look at Prakacin will reveal many things to like. When playing against the US youth team in international competitions, Pukasin showed good feeling and ability, and performed well in competitions involving many top prospects in this year’s class. Combine it with overseas production and you will gain something.

Although the 76ers need immediate backup help, getting help from a late rookie is by no means a definite bet, and there is a strong reason that the draft and stash may be their 28th place to get a gem. Best hope. If they can take the risk of waiting for their guy to come over, they might end up with a player who performs better than his draft position, and they need to happen on a consistent basis in order to get around the expensive core keep improving.

Prospect: Josh Christopher, G, Arizona

Drafter: Jonathan Wasserman, Bleaching Report

Christopher is almost certainly the biggest “name” prospect associated with the 76ers in the mock draft so far. As a potential lottery candidate entering this season, Christopher spent an uneven year with the Sun Devils and found himself on the verge of the first round. The evaluators seemed unable to reach a consensus.

This is for good reason: Christopher played only 15 games in his only season at Arizona State University. He shot poorly on the court and didn’t really want to create opportunities for others. He is a black hole, and the offense takes place mainly in the arc. Unless you are a big man (Christopher is 6 feet 5 inches) or an elite athlete (Christopher is not), this is a difficult way to make a living. I know, I really work hard on this draft pick.

In other words, Christopher has enough skills to become a useful scorer at the next level. Although his current willingness to shoot jumpers exceeds his ability there, his ability to create and use separation is great for a teenager, and he has an effective base runner/floating ball bag that can be used in Score at a higher level.Christopher also Has the tools to be a good defender, the advantages in speed and length, and a sharper awareness than he has shown on the offensive end. If you think you can improve his decision-making and turn him into a stable shooter-80% of free throws are there to give hope-then there are worse gambles later in the first round.

Prospects: Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, F, Villanova

Drafter: Kevin O’Connor, Ringtones

The following is O’Connor’s comments on Earl Robinson:

What will the Sixers do with Ben Simmons? This is the question in everyone’s mind. We may know on draft night. No matter what they choose to do with Simmons, the 76ers will benefit from adding more full-backs who can play multiple roles. Robinson-Earl can open space or roll to the basket when sharing the field with Joel Embiid, and he has the potential to fill the small ball role in the lineup without him. Robinson-Earl may not have much potential, but a stable role player is essential for a championship aspiring team.

It is nothing new that the 76ers are associated with “Rising Stars”, although I think you can say that JRE is one of the most unsuitable for the 76ers among the players from the Jay Wright project in recent years. I’m not sure if Robinson Earle is as versatile as some people think-he may be closer to a true foursome, and his shooting in college is not particularly good, which will complicate things in Philadelphia. Tobias Harris should (and did) play all his playing time there last season, and we may eventually reach the point where Simmons will be pushed to more forward roles in the future. The Robinson-Earl development representative may not be there, depending on how the situation at the top of the list is shaken.

This is not to say that he is a bad player or prospect. As O’Connor pointed out, JRE has done well enough that you can put him with different players and lineups and still hope he can help. In a world where one (or even both) of Simmons or Harris is moved, I think there is more room for’Nova products to play a role here.

Prospect: Trey Murphy, F, Virginia

Drafter: Gary Parish, CBS

The following is Parrish’s evaluation of Murphy:

After Trey Murphy spent his first two years at Rice University, he had no problems adjusting to ACC. He has proven to be a stable high-level shooter in three seasons, and he can become a space player for the Philadelphia team that still needs more three-point threats.

Murphy has a high shooting percentage at the college level, and many people will notice when a person makes more than 40% of his three-pointers based on his height (listed in 6 feet 9 inches). During his three years in college, Murphy took 5.5 shots per game and made more than 40% of his three-pointers. Coupled with excellent free throw data, it shows that shots will be converted. On the other hand, Murphy has the tools to be a good team defender. His feet are light and switchable, which makes him the kind of three-pointer that every team wants to use these days to fill their roster. prospect.

I’m not sure if the 76ers need pure shooters because they need to create shooting opportunities. When they collapsed in the second round against Atlanta, everyone discovered this. But Murphy’s depth in the first round is a good choice for them, someone who can make an immediate contribution and still add some extra elements to his game in the years to come.

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