Pepe FUMES ignores the veteran in Rui Patricio, Cristiano Ronaldo tells him that Karim Benzema will go left

Portugal defender Pepe left angrily after his goalkeeper Rui Patricio refused to listen to him and Cristiano Ronaldo telling him where Karim Benzema would take the free throw.

The French forward is a long-time teammate of both sides Pepe with Ronaldo At Real Madrid, he stuffed a penalty kick into the lower left corner.


Ronaldo spoke with the goalkeeper before Benzema’s free throwCredit: Getty

But that was before Pepe could be seen gesturing towards Patricio from behind BenzemaCome back, tell him to jump to the exact position where the forward finally pitched the ball.

Ronaldo can also be seen talking with his goalkeeper before Benzawa is on the court.

However, the 33-year-old goalkeeper refused to accept the suggestions of his compatriots and continued to dive in the wrong way.

Benzema’s penalty kick was the second of three penalty kicks that night, because Ronaldo sent two penalty kicks for Portugal Euro 2020 To five goals.

France Admit the first pen After Spurs captain Hugo Lloris grabbed Dani Lo Pereira’s head and tried to clear the ball from the corner.

During the intermission, BBC experts Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand both thought it was a stonewall penalty.

Hiller said: “I think it’s a pen. Lorris came out out of time and hit him in the face,” while Rio added: “That’s GBH.”

Manchester United idol Ferdinand then agreed with his former teammate Frank Lampard’s view that “the goalkeeper has had room for maneuver for many years.”

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Pepe angrily reprimanded Patricio for not listening to him after Benzema's penalty kick


Pepe angrily reprimanded Patricio for not listening to him after Benzema’s penalty kick

Ferdinand said: “Goalkeeper is a protected species, isn’t it. It’s dangerous, reckless, and I’m very happy to get it.”

However, after Nelson Semedo was punished for medical examination of Kylian Mbappé, the 42-year-old was unable to say the same about the French penalty.

Karim Benzema came forward, but asked what he thought, Ferdinand added: “This is a bad decision.

“I don’t think we have any doubts in our minds. Semedo’s defense is very good and I have been criticizing him. This is not a penalty for me.

The referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz finally awarded a third penalty after the intermission.

Jules Kounde was convicted of possession of the ball, Ronaldo’s second ball of the night France drew 2-2.

This conflict is the first time in the history of the European Cup that three penalty kicks have been sentenced in a game.

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Cristiano Ronaldo throws objects while celebrating Portugal’s second goal in the French austerity

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