Man wanted for unbridled theft in Lowe’s camera in Bucks County

Man wanted for unbridled theft in Lowe’s camera in Bucks County


The Bensalem authorities are looking for a man who was caught by a camera on suspicion of stealing an expensive vacuum cleaner from a Lowe’s store last weekend.

The incident occurred at a home improvement store on 3421 Horizon Blvd on Saturday. In Trevose.

Investigators said that the male suspect switched the barcode on the $400 Dyson vacuum cleaner and scanned the wrong code in the self-checkout channel. The total price is only 24.99 US dollars.

Police said that when an employee tried to prevent the man from leaving the store, he continued to the parking lot and fled in a new Volkswagen SUV without a license plate.

The authorities released a video that clearly showed the suspect on the self-checkout channel.

The police said: “This is one of the best videos about this thief.” “There must be someone who knows this person.”

Anyone with information about this suspect can contact the Bensalem police at (215) 633-3719.

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