IOHK integrates Cardano into Orion, a decentralized encrypted trading platform »CryptoNinjas

IOHK integrates Cardano into Orion, a decentralized encrypted trading platform »CryptoNinjas


Orion, a DeFi ecosystem and encrypted trading platform and blockchain engineering company IOHK, today announced the establishment of a partnership to integrate the Cardano blockchain into Orion’s trading terminal.

This Orion Terminal Allows users to access all major cryptocurrency exchanges; there is no need to go through the extensive KYC and AML checks required to register each platform, while ensuring the best price for each transaction.

By using the Cardano energy-saving “Proof of Stake” mechanism pioneered by IOHK, Orion will also achieve more sustainable growth through this partnership, which is the widely criticized proof of work adopted by Bitcoin and most other blockchains An alternative to the system, it consumes more energy than the entire Switzerland. In contrast, Cardano uses the same energy as a family home.

In addition, this integration aims to bring meaningful transaction volume to the Cardano blockchain through Orion’s solution.

“We believe that industry cooperation is essential for blockchain to achieve mainstream adoption, which is why we have always adopted open source and patent-free methods to build Cardano. Therefore, we have been seeking cooperation with projects such as Orion, which is important for blockchain implementation. Its “Bluetooth Moment” is very important, no matter which platform the user uses, the user can get a seamless experience when using the blockchain network.”
– Romain Pellerin, Chief Technology Officer of IOHK

Orion’s long-term goal is to combine access to traditional financial markets and NFT markets. This requires a powerful and scalable blockchain, which is one of the reasons why Orion cooperated with IOHK and integrated Cardano.

“In order to achieve widespread adoption, scalability is critical to Orion: To be a single point of entry into the digital asset market, we need a robust and scalable infrastructure that can effectively process transactions that occur on such platforms. The Cardano ecosystem aims to improve efficiency and scalability, and is developing into the most complete and useful blockchain ever built. As the market races to find a leading alternative to Ethereum to build blockchain-based The future of finance; Cardano intends to use this as the first and largest equity blockchain proof, addressing key areas such as cost, delay, efficiency, and scalability. Orion’s goal is to make the digital asset market inclusive and feasible Accessibility; Cardano’s inclusive and open source approach fits perfectly.”
-Timothea Horwell, Chief Marketing Officer of Orion

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