Hunter Biden’s latest news-the text obtained from the laptop “shows that he ordered the prostitute to go to Marmun Castle, where he smoked”

The hunter accidentally paid the prostitute with Joe’s account

However, the text message seems to indicate that Joe Biden may be the one paying the bill. It is not clear whether any of the accounts used are related to Biden.

Hunter tried to send $8,000 to a lady named Gulnora, who was the agent of Emerald Fantasy Girls, but the payment was not approved.

Before the amount passed, he tried a few cards.

Before further transactions of 3,500 USD, 8,000 USD and 3,500 USD, 2,000 USD was transferred from another account.

The receipt shows that approximately $25,000 was sent in one hour.

Hunter received the news from Yana. According to reports, she said: “I am very happy to see so many in my account. Don’t worry, you can get the rest back. Karma is absolute.”

A few hours later, Hunter received a message from a person with the name of a former Secret Service official posted on it.

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