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According to my tarot cards, who should I date?

Looking for Love? Want to know which zodiac sign you should date? When it comes to romance and love, look at what your tarot reading reveals for you.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and come up with a number between 1 and 6-then check the card below to see what you have!

If you choose 1

Your cards are Temperance and Seven of Wands. This means that your ideal date is someone who can balance you.

You should look for someone who is calm and personable, but they should also be ready for challenges, because you least want your love life to be simple and boring.

You need a partner who is not afraid to say what you think, and you want them to hear what you say in return. For you, this is likely to be a situation of opposite sex attracting each other.

which one constellation Should I date?About one Fire sign (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries) They also have a lot of water Birth chart.

bonus: Your ideal date is a date that puts you against another person. Think of tennis, bowling, and even board games-giving you the opportunity to play in a fun and relaxing way.

If you choose 2

Your cards are eight cups and seven cups. It seems that your romantic needs and dating preferences are not the most straightforward.

You want to find someone who can inspire your creativity and imagination, but they don’t mind giving you the alone time you occasionally need. You may not pursue long-term things now.

At the same time, emotional connection is very important to you, so you need to find someone who is willing to interact with you on a spiritual level.

Which zodiac sign should I date?A kind Water elephant (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) will be the person most likely to provide you with the emotional connection you want.

bonus: Your ideal date is someone who can have an in-depth conversation. Speed ??dating may not be for you. Think of intimate dinners, art galleries and walks in nature.

If you choose 3

Your card is coin seven and the world. You want to find a date that is patient, easy-going, and a bit ambitious. You may wish to find a loyal partner or even start a family in the future.

You want a relationship that is both reasonable and strong: you will not accept anything worse than true love. It may take some time to find the right person, but the reward is worth it.

which one constellation Should I date? The earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus) will satisfy your desire for commitment and stability. The ambitious Aquarius is also suitable.

bonus: Your ideal date is a unique experience you can share. Think outside the box: visit the vineyard, go to the zoo, and even go to class together.

If you choose 4

Your card is the reverse page of the coin and the queen of the coin. Obviously, you need to find someone whose feet are firmly on the ground.

You may not want to find someone much younger than you: people with a little life experience are best. You should look for someone who is educated, kind, practical and generous.

It is possible that your previous world was turned upside down by love; now is the time to get things back to normal. This may not be an earth-shattering romance, but it will be very fulfilling.

Which zodiac sign should I date? Practical earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus) Birth chart Will be your ideal choice.

bonus: Your ideal date is like a quiet activity together. Think of jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, or even bird watching.

If you choose 5

Your cards are the queen and the priestess. Obviously, you need to find someone who strongly embodies female energy, regardless of their gender identity, this energy can be embodied in anyone.

Your ideal date is someone who is sensitive, intuitive, caring, and strong-you want someone who is pleasant and confident but not bossy, someone you can trust, someone you can rely on.

Which zodiac sign should I date?devout Gemini It is a good choice for you, or a water sign that cares about you (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer).

bonus: Your ideal date will attract your feminine side. Think about shopping, stargazing or enjoying a spa day.

If you choose 6

Your cards are six coins and ten cups. When it comes to dating, you will be satisfied with the best!

You want someone who is generous and courteous with time and energy: they should definitely be the kind of person who opens the door for you, and can even volunteer for charity in their spare time.

You may be looking for something long-term, so look for a date who is willing to talk to you about their future dreams.

Which zodiac sign should I date?A fair and generous person Libra May be your good partner, or a romantic and loyal person Taurus.

bonus: Your ideal date is something a bit romantic: flowers, chocolates, music, and maybe even watching the sunset in a scenic area.

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