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The Hong Kong democratic tabloid “Apple Daily” founded by media tycoon Li Zhiying, Will be closed after its assets are frozen The arrest of its reporter has dealt a blow to press freedom in the city.

The newspaper said its final version will be printed on Thursday, and its website will stop updating from midnight that day. Apple Daily’s parent company, Next Digital, initially stated that it would continue publishing until Saturday, but due to concerns about the safety of its employees, it closed quickly.

“Apple Daily” has always been known for daring to confront, investigate and criticize the government. But Lai and the newspaper have become the prime target of the Chinese government by supporting the democratic protests that swept Hong Kong in 2019.

After the demonstrations, the authorities suppressed civil and political life in Chinese territory and implemented a comprehensive national security law, which severely weakened the opposition and raised concerns about interference in the education system, courts, and the media.

Pro-Beijing legislators also succeeded First intervention In Hong Kong’s senior judicial appointment, lawyers called it the latest attack on Hong Kong’s cherished independent legal system.At the same time, US President Joe Biden is Promote high-level meetings Five months after taking a tough stance, negotiations were held with Beijing officials.

Five stories in the news

1. Russia claims to fire on the Royal Navy destroyer near Crimea Russia blames Britain Carrying out a “crude British provocation” After a Royal Navy ship sailed through the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea. The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that it fired warning shots to disperse the HMS Defender, but the British Ministry of Defense denied that it fired directly on the ship, saying that Russia had warned in advance that they were “carrying out shelling exercises.” area.

2. Britain urges reconsideration of procedures for young asylum seekers
The campaign group asked the British authorities Rethink the procedure Dealing with young refugees from Hong Kong, claiming that several people were mistaken for victims of human trafficking and suffered traumatic treatment.

3. John McAfee was found dead in prison Cybersecurity and software entrepreneurs are Was found dead in a Spanish prison cell On Wednesday, the same day, the country’s high court ruled that he should be extradited to the United States on charges of evading millions of dollars in taxes.

4. Warren Buffett resigns as trustee of the Gates Foundation Warren Buffett is Leaving the Gates Foundation Board of DirectorsAfter its co-chairs Bill and Melinda Gates announced their divorce, the world’s largest private charity organization became even more uncertain.

5. South Korea seizes crypto assets to combat “tax evaders” A TV host and a doctor are among thousands of wealthy South Koreans The cryptocurrency held has been seized In one of the most active digital asset trading markets in the world, taxation stings as the crackdown increases.

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the day before

EU summit Before Thursday’s world leaders’ meeting, Germany and France called for a new EU strategy Closer contact with Russia. Also at the summit, member states planned to pressure Victor Orban of Hungary to ask him Abandon LGBT+ legislation The committee has marked it as discriminatory.

Latest Bank of America Stress Test Results Announced The largest banks in the U.S. will learn from their results Latest stress test From the Federal Reserve on Thursday, the rating is expected to become a catalyst for billions of dollars in stock repurchases and dividends.

Other content we are reading and watching

Toshiba and investors On April 11, 2020, the Toshiba Communications Director held an emergency meeting to ask whether it is possible to “eliminate or control bad organizations and institutions.” Masayasu Toyohara was referring to shutting up the most outspoken shareholders of the Japanese conglomerate.But this may lead to The entire board was fired.

Inflation, made in China Robert Armstrong wrote that why the inflation rate in so many places is so low, the standard explanation is three words: “technology and globalization” UnhedgedThe technical aspect has a lot to do with Moore’s Law. Globalization has a lot to do with China.Newsletter subscription Here.

How will Brexit reshape the City of London? Brexit has weakened the City of London’s status as a European financial center.From Singapore on the Thames to the lawless Dodge City, Lex of the Financial Times looks at How the city will reshape itself In this new video.

Why the pushy car salesman gritted his teeth Luxury shopping malls are a new hot spot for car buyers, Writes Master BrookeThis year, due to the pandemic, chip shortages, and the switch to electric vehicles, the way we buy cars has undergone a radical change. The shopping mall store solved several of these problems at the same time.

Lego made a breakthrough in the search for green bricks Lego, the world’s largest toy manufacturer, made a Big breakthrough Trying to get rid of oil-based plastics and launch prototypes of iconic bricks made from recycled beverage bottles.


It took a long time for the country to accept its native fermentation, but British sparkling wine “Financial Times” wine reporter Jansis Robinson wrote that now is totally worthy of has What to drink this summer.

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