Evan Peters explains how he mastered the Delco accent in “East Side Mare”

Evan Peters explains how he mastered the Delco accent in “East Side Mare”


One of the many aspects that make “The Mare of the East Side” such an outstanding performance is the authenticity of the character’s accent, which accurately portrays the unique dialect of the Philadelphia area.

From Kate Winslet’s As the protagonist Mare Sheehan For Evan Peters’ performance as detective Colin Zabel, the unique Delco accent can be clearly understood and heard in HBO’s seven-episode limited series.

Winslet said earlier this year that it is important for her to accurately adopt regional dialects, even if it is to be perfected. Let her “throw things” Due to the difficulty of the accent.

in a Interviewed by “Los Angeles Times” In the article published on Tuesday, 34-year-old Peters attributed the dialect coach of the murder mystery and the filming location of the Philadelphia area to helping genius master dialects. But Peters also announced a technique he used in the production process to help him lower his accent.

“I also have a recording of someone named Steve,” Peters said. “It’s about 20 minutes long, and I listen to it every morning. He’s talking about his [chrysanthemums], His work and his wife. His brother Pete. I think I really know this person well.The epidemic strikes, we [shut down] Until September. I thought,’Oh, my goodness. I must always listen to Steve talking about his planted mom? So I don’t listen every day—just a few times a week. “

When preparing to play the role of Zabel, Peters revealed that he participated in a police ride in the area when he arrived in Maple, Delaware County for filming.

“[The ride-along] Including helping to unlock someone’s car, and then a 16-year-old girl driving with her mother accidentally wiped someone’s side-view mirror, and then, I believe, once lost the St. Bernard,” Peter Said. “I thought,’Small town. Town police. ‘”

Peters said he also relied on his roots in St. Louis, Missouri to dig into Zabel’s character.

“I grew up in a small suburb in the suburbs [St. Louis]. I understand the dynamics of the characters, the way everyone interacts,” Peters said. “I always say St. Louis, everything is about people. Everyone there is very friendly and nuanced, very interesting and authentic.I think we did [Zabel] It’s a bit clumsy than we initially set. I always trip over things and drop things. You know he is not as good as a detective like Marley. He is just a little behind the curve. “

Of course, after Winslet revealed that she and Peters, Peters also shared his views on Vava Frequent convenience stores during production. Although Winslet liked Wawa’s coffee, it was the Thanksgiving-themed Gobbler hoagie that caught Peters’ attention.

“[Wawa’s] They have great coffee, hot food, French fries, they have everything,” Peters said. “The most important thing is that they have this [hoagie] It is called Gobbler around Thanksgiving. It has all the Thanksgiving equipment. Turkey, cranberry sauce, fillings, gravy. You don’t even need to make Thanksgiving dinner.you could [eat] Carnivores. “

At this point, Wawa and “East City Mare” are almost synonymous.The show’s wardrobe is Mainly based on Wawa cashier customers. Wawa coffee and hoagies can also be seen throughout the seven episode series.

Convenience Chain Store Launched limited edition “Dongcheng Mare” spicy cheese steak It was held at locations across Delaware County earlier this month to commemorate the performance.

“The Mare of the East City” is set in the western suburbs of Philadelphia and tells the character of Winslet. She tried to solve a murder investigation and two cases of missing persons while struggling in her personal life.

All seven episodes of “East City Mare” can be played on HBO Max.

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