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1 inch, one network is Decentralized protocol On Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, FunFair Wallet was announced today, Non-custodial wallet solution From FunFair Technologies, will become the newest member to support 1inch dApp users.

Wallet integration allows users to effortlessly use the aggregator without leaving the dApp, where they can conveniently convert or “exchange” tokens from one token to another. In addition, FunFair’s solution enables users to send and purchase cryptocurrency.

“Our goal is to ensure a completely seamless experience for as many users as possible. Contains cutting-edge technology from FunFair for better access to our dApp. In addition, FunFair’s commitment to blockchain technology; along with this field The continuous development of, we hope to see more solutions in the wallet.”
– Sergej Kunz, co-founder of 1inch

1inch is currently working to complete the secondary integration; this will allow users not only to use Ethereum-based token exchanges, but also to take advantage of the growing Binance ecosystem.

“We are very pleased that 1inch has become one of the first large-capacity DeFi dApps to complete the initial integration of our solution. Our wallet is easy to use on any browser and any device; we are now starting to promote the launch. In addition to Ethereum, we have also added Support for BSC and xDAI. We are now studying further expansion of solutions such as Optimism and Polygon to promote further adoption of dApps.”
– Lloyd Purser, Chief Operating Officer of FunFair Technologies

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