Blockchain development platform Tatum adds support for XDC Network

Blockchain development platform Tatum adds support for XDC Network


Tatum, a blockchain Development Platform, Today announced the addition of XDC network (Sin Fen). Specially constructed for global trade and financial applications; XDC network uses a unique and energy-saving entrusted proof-of-stake consensus network (XDPoS). It uses the power of stakeholders to approve voting to resolve consensus issues in a fair and democratic manner.

With near-zero gas fees and fast transaction times, the network can handle anything thrown at it; and a fraction of the price of other blockchains.In addition, with full EVM compatibility, developers who are already familiar with Ethereum will be familiar with it without any problem XDC network.

Because of its ISO20022 Standard compatibility, XDC network can be integrated with existing financial systems, transforming the traditional single point of failure operation into a decentralized system. All verification nodes comply with KYC. Therefore, financial institutions can be assured that their customers and users meet the acceptable standards of identity transparency and anti-bribery regulations.

In addition, due to the hybrid architecture of the network; institutions can run their own nodes to store private data, while still verifying specific data sets on the public end of the blockchain. This gives them the best of both worlds in terms of blockchain functionality and data privacy.

“The XDC network has taken a big step towards creating a developer-friendly blockchain with a wide range of file with GitHub Resources. Tatum’s powerful API simplifies complex blockchain operations into a single API endpoint, greatly speeding up and simplifying the entire developer experience. For advanced developers who like to do everything from scratch; you can use our Web3 HTTP driver to connect directly to our XDC network node and code everything yourself. “
– Tatum Team

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