Bassetts named the best ice cream in Pennsylvania by Food & Wine

According to “Food and Wine” magazine, if you want the best ice cream in Pennsylvania, Bassetts is your best choice.

The iconic Philadelphia ice cream shop was named the best ice cream shop in Pennsylvania Publication survey The top ice cream in every state.

According to the magazine, the survey aims to explore the ice cream brands that “feel the most important” in each state. A company with at least one to two years of uninterrupted ice cream production qualifications.

The following is Food & Wine’s evaluation of Bassetts ice cream:

“Any research on the history of American ice cream will get you immediately to Philadelphia, where the family business Bassetts is the country’s longest-running ice cream shop and has been serving the city’s most popular ice cream since the mid-1800s. This is a long-established one. The staple food of ice cream. Reading about the end market from the earliest days of the market, this is still one of the best ice cream in the country, with a luxurious 16.5% milk fat content (approximately the highest level that can be reached before it starts to taste like frozen butter) The creamy and thick texture has ruined many Philadelphians’ ice creams in other cities. The only original tenant left on the market, Bassetts, is popular all year round, of course in the warmer months. If you happen to walk in and see a short line Or there is no line at all, postpone anything else and go straight.”

Bassett Founded in 1861 by a Quaker school teacher and farmer named Lewis Dubois Bassett, he first started making ice cream in his backyard in Salem County.

The company began selling ice cream from its original location on 5th and Market Street in Philadelphia in 1885, and then moved to the current retail store in Reading Terminal Market in 1892. The company is still owned and operated by the great-great-grandson of the founder.

Bassetts offers 40 ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt flavors, in cones, cups, quarts and pints. According to Bassetts, vanilla, biscuit and cream, and mint chocolate chips are the three most popular flavors. The shop also sells novelty items such as ice cream sandwiches and specialty milkshakes.

Bassetts are also distributed in markets such as New York City, Washington DC, and Florida. Since 2008, the brand has expanded globally to China, South Korea and Taiwan.

Food and wine are also shouting at themselves in Philadelphia Milk jaw Launched pop-up stores and delivery services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This small-batch premium ice cream company was originally just a hobby in the kitchen of co-founder Amy Wilson in 2012. Milk Jawn prides itself on using Pennsylvania dairy products when making eggless ice cream.

The ice cream brand offers more than 15 flavors, which can be delivered and picked up by pints. The most famous flavors are Earl Grey Honeycomb and Blueberry Basil Swirl with Lemon Sauce.

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