10 reasons why the Washington football team will become a junkyard fire this season

10 reasons why the Washington football team will become a junkyard fire this season


This week, for a whole week, we gave a detailed negative evaluation of each team in the NFC East.On Monday, our first goal is The Dallas Cowboys are always overhyped. Tuesday, We watched the failed New York GiantsToday, we will grill the Washington football team.

It’s important to note that we won’t talk about the positive aspects of any of the Eagles’ NFC Eastern rivals, because, well, it’s not fun. This will be 100% sulfuric acid. Yes, we will also ignite the Eagles at the end of the series.

1) In order for this junk team to enter the playoffs, the division opponents have to lose face

For the first time in a long time, DMV expressed optimism for the Washington football team, which is a bit funny considering the way they end the season in 2020.

After three games, Washington led the NFC East with a score of 6-7, two home games against the Seahawks and Panthers, followed by the 17th week finals against the Eagles in Philadelphia.

They lost to the Seahawks in Week 15, but the losing Giants also lost that week, so there was no injury and no foul. In the 16th week, on the home scene against the crappy Panthers, Washington lost again, but the loser Giants lost again. If Washington handles the business well in the game against the Panthers, they will win the division at the time and there, and they can take a break from the start in Week 17.

Instead, they put themselves in a position where they must beat the Eagles in Week 17 to win the division. The Hawks are clearly working hard for a better draft position, and they are very happy to help. An hour and a half before kick-off, they announced that 10 ridiculous players would be suspended, including Fletcher Cox, Carson Wentz, Miles Sanders, Dallas Goldt, Derek Barney Te, Joe Dan Lata, DeShawn Jackson and Alson Jeffrey. That was the injured bench list, which included Ryan Johnson, Brandon Brooks, Jason Peters, Rodney McLeod, Josh Sweet and Andre Dillard.

The starting players for the Hawks in that game are as follows:

offense defense
QB Jaylen is injured From Brandon Graham
RB Boston Scott DT Malik Jackson
Office building Travis Fulham DT Javin Hargrave
Office building Jaylen Regg From Vinny Curry
Office building Greg Ward lb Alex Singleton
to Zach Oz lb TJ Edwards
LT Matt Pryor CB Darius slaughter
LG Isaac Sumaro second Marcus Epps
C Jason Kelsey second K’From Wallace
RG Nate Herbig CB Rudy Ford
Broadcast time Brett Toth Slot CB Grayland Arnold

I mean, God, look at that offensive line. Matt Pryor starts with LT! Look at that secondary. They activated four backup safes!

However, for most of the first half, the Hawks surpassed them. Howie Roseman must be sitting in the booth, just like “FML”. And then of course, as you all remember, the Hawks pulled Jalen Hertz and inserted Nate Sudfield, and Washington “won” with a score of 20-14. Then they paraded on the court wearing the NFC East championship hat, as if they had earned it, haha.

062121WASTEAM hat

The following week, they played a home playoff game and easily got out of the wild card game.

To recap, their last four games of the season looked like this:

  1. Homeless.
  2. Homeless.
  3. Poorly defeated a 4-11-1 team, their substitutes are difficult to hand over the game to them.
  4. Homeless.


By the way, as long as we discuss Washington’s unworthy achievements, I mean, who cares I guess, because this is ancient history, but why it’s never mentioned that two of their three Super Bowls are on strike-shortened season?

2) I know he is a national treasure, and anything negative to him is heresy, but honestly-Ryan Fitzpatrick is just the next mediocre WFT quarterback

Congratulations on winning the worst division ever, the Washington football team. Tell them what they won! A 38-year-old quarterback is now his ninth team with a career winning percentage of 0.409.

I mean, signing Ryan Fitzpatrick as your starting quarterback feels a lot like winning on a trip to Delaware that got us to a deal.

062121 Ryan Fitzpatrick Gif

Since Daniel Snyder bought the team in 1999, 23 different quarterbacks have begun to play for Washington.They are Brad Johnson, Jeff George, Tony Banks, Sean Matthews, Patrick Ramsey, Danny Wilfell, Tim Hasselback, Mark Bu Runel, Jason Campbell, Todd Collins, Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman, John Baker, Robert Griffin III, Colt McCoy, Ke GramKurt‘Cousins, Alex Smith, Mark Sanchez, Josh Johnson, Keith Keenham, Dwayne Haskins, Kyle Allen, Taylor Hynek, and the upcoming Fitzpatrick coming.

However, you can squint a bit and see the logic of this signing through Washington colored glasses.

On the one hand, signing Fitzpatrick can neither make Washington a contender for the Super Bowl, nor give them a long-term quarterback answer, or even a potential. Regardless of Fitzpatrick’s performance, the quarterback will continue to be the most obvious long-term need on the roster next offseason. In this sense, this team may be looking forward to the 2021 season, in which their wheels are flat.

On the other hand, “Mediocre” can win this garbage classification like 2020. In addition, “sustained mediocrity” will be a huge improvement in the goalkeeper status that this team won during most of the Daniel Snyder era. If this team can return to the NFC Eastern Championship, they will be the first team to do so since the Eagles did it in 2003-2004. Maybe this helps promote the culture from a team that is expected to lose to a team that is at least mediocre? Maybe there is some value in it. Fitzpatrick is at least better than the four who started last season (Haskins, Smith, Allen and Hynek).

This signing actually makes sense, which proves how low the threshold for this team is. How many teams can sign a professional bridge quarterback, the fan group is like, “YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!”

By the way, this is not a rhetorical question. The answer is one.

3) Offensive tackles are very suspicious

Once upon a time, Washington had Trent Williams in LT and Morgan Moses in RT. That is a very good series.

In 2021, they will have Charles Leno, who was waived by the terrible Chicago Bears in LT, and a rookie second-round pick (Sam Cosmi) in RT. not ideal.

As long as we are on the O-line, allow me to take a minute to talk about Brandon Shelf, who was marked by Washington for the second consecutive season. If Washington cannot reach a long-term agreement with him before July 15, he will be capped at $18,036,000 in 2021.

With a figure of 18 million US dollars, Shelf is the highest-paid guard in the league. The next player closest to the contract is Brandon Brooks, who is worth more than $14 million. Is Scherff worth $18 million? He is definitely not. Although I can understand Washington’s reluctance to let him go and open a huge hole in their offensive line, he doesn’t have many good choices because Shelf has an influence similar to that of Dark Prescott and is marked twice.

If Washington labels him for the third time in the next offseason, his salary cap will be $25,971,840. This will not happen. Assuming Shelf plays well again in 2021 (which of course is what you want, uh), Washington will either have to pay him a high price on a long-term contract to keep him, or they will lose him in 2021 after becoming a free agent in 2022. He burned a lot of money on him during a non-competitive season in 1984.

4) Scott Turner’s first year as offensive coordinator… (Fart noise)

We know that Washington’s quarterbacks did not perform well last year, but they do have a few things they can do on the offensive end:

  1. Terry McLaurin’s legal No. 1 receiver.
  2. Antonio Gibson’s versatile and energetic rookie RB.
  3. The emerging TE of Logan Thomas.
  4. Decent enough offensive line.

However, they completed Ranked 32nd in the offensive DVOA, When there are many teams with worse offensive personnel. Yes, according to DVOA, their offensive ability is worse than the Eagles, Jets, Bengals, etc.

5) Uh, the linebacker is not very good?

I will tell the truth. This list is hard to pick. Well, after you have overcome the obvious and potentially destructive loopholes of quarterbacks and offensive tackles and the terrible ownership that will always exist, it’s hard to fault.

But after that… it’s hard to be critical. In any case, the linebacker position looks very thin?

I do not know. who cares? They don’t have a quarterback, haha. ¯_(?)_/¯


6) Montez Khan… SMH

Montez Sweat: “Before I get the vaccine, I need more information.”

Montez Sweat: “I don’t like information.”

by Sam Fortier of The Washington Post:

“DE Montez Sweat on the team invited vaccine experts to talk to the players: “I don’t like it at all. …I will not get vaccinated until I have more facts. ”

“About why he hesitated: “I have not been infected with the new crown virus, so I will not see me being treated for the new crown virus until I am actually infected with the new crown virus. “

What a good player. Full professional potential. But uh.

JaQ Del Rio must be behind the scenes, right?

7) They drafted a long snapper with a fifth-round pick

The football team selected a long snapper in the sixth round. If you are unfamiliar, the long snapper is the one who steals the ball when shooting and punting. The name of the long snapper chosen by Washington is Cameron Chessman.

Washington actually traded Chessman for their fifth-round pick in 2022, Chessman once again shot the ball and punted the football.

8) They will have a first place schedule

As the NFC Eastern champion a year ago (laughs), the football team will have to face the champions of NFC North, NFC West and AFC East. The three teams are the Packers, the Seahawks and the Bills. They all won at least 12 games last year. Here are the people the NFC East team must face in these three floating games:

NFC East Team Opponents of NFCN, NFCW and AFCE
football team Packers, Seahawks, Bill
Giants Bear, ram, dolphin
cowboy Vikings, Cardinals, Patri*ts
Eagles Lions, 49ers, Jets

I think if the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers, they can beat it. Otherwise, the football team will be at a disadvantage in all three games. Anyway, fans of WFT, I know you are not used to winning divisions, but when you do, this is what will happen next year.

9) Since 2004, there has been no NFC Eastern Championship

As mentioned above, the last time the team won the NFC Eastern Division Championship was the Eagles in 2004. In the past 15 seasons, we have all seen the previous year’s division champion be deposed.

year NFC Eastern Championship
year 2004 Eagles
2005 Giants
year 2006 Eagles
2007 cowboy
Year 2008 Giants
Year 2009 cowboy
year 2010 Eagles
year 2011 Giants
2012 WFT
year 2013 Eagles
Year 2014 cowboy
2015 WFT
2016 cowboy
2017 Eagles
2018 cowboy
2019 year Eagles
2020 year WFT
2021 May not be WFT

10) As always, is Daniel Snyder still the owner?

There is some unfortunate hope that Snyder may be forced to sell the team, which, frankly, is good for everyone (not just WFT fans). On the contrary, it is quite the opposite.Snyder is not only still the owner, but According to reports, his family will now own 100% of the team.

062121 Daniel Snyder

Really, this is the most important thing. Not who the quarterback is. Not an offensive tackle. Not a plan, nor their schedule.As long as Snyder owns this team (with no end in sight), they will continue to be a condemned organization from the highest level. nowhere, And supporting them is almost the most futile, frustrating, and time-consuming hobby that a person can engage in.

062321 Forever Snyder

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