Wright said that England star Saka “has a glorious mission”, while Keane and Neville praised the “fearless” Gullaris

Roy Keane, Gary Neville and Ian Wright praised Bukayo Saka and Jack Greerich for their outstanding performance against the Czech Republic in the first half.

When the 25-year-old Aston Villa star finally started in the first game of the England team, the supporters fulfilled their wishes, and the Arsenal hero Saka was also recognized by Phil Foden.


Jack Greeley scored Raheem Sterling’s first goal against the Czech Republic after 12 minutesCredit: Reuters
Bukayo Saka is at his best in stretching the Czech defense


Bukayo Saka is at his best in stretching the Czech defenseCredit: Environmental Protection Agency

With them It only took 12 minutes to stamp their authority In the game at Wembley.

Saka begins to act Before Greeley made room on the left channel and stood up a perfect cross for Raheem Sterling, he nodded in the opening goal.

Wright and his ITV colleagues quickly praised the pair during the intermission.

The Arsenal legend said: “Saka, my fellow. Everyone at Arsenal knows that he has a glorious mission.

“You know he will free us from attacks on people and make things happen.

“I’m very happy. Between him, Sterling and Gregory, they have made a mess of them.”

The Irishman Keane added: “This is what good players do, good sports and influencing the game. They also have energy and quality.

“They do it every week, good exercise, stretching the Czech Republic-especially when Jack gets it.”

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Neville also joined the ranks of praising Villa captain, who was replaced by Jude Bellingham midway through the second half.

He commented: “They are very good, Gregory is on the left, and Saka has a breath of fresh air.

Jack Greerish Here, it will eventually appear on him. As a right back, you want to stop his right foot, but this is a perfect cross.

“Confidence, this is their first start, but they are absolutely fearless. This is what England fans want to see, defensive backs, win free kicks.

“No one complains about defense [block] Because of the top four. “

Seeing the direct influence of this maverick organizer, fans on Twitter were hardly surprised.

Piers Morgan said: “That’s why Greeley must start every game. He makes things happen.”

Mika Richards wrote: “Jack Greerish is amazing!”

Rio Ferdinand added: “Shocked Greeley and assisted!”

Jermaine Jenas commented: “Boom get in!!!!! Saka and Grealish created what we needed! Sterling is always a goal threat! Come on boys.”

Harry Pinero quipped: “You start Grealish, and you will get the final product, simple math.”

A fan said: “Saka & Grealish hosted the show, imagine my shock.”

Another wrote: “Foden or Mount should never be ahead of Greerich, he is on another level.”

The third person added: “Grealish’s touch made me burst into tears.”

Before the game, Neville says Gregory “the country is in his hands” And can become a key figure in helping the Three Lions march toward European glory.

Neville Added: “He is a responsible player in any game and is eager to catch the ball.

“To be honest, I think he controls the country.

“they Want Wayne Rooney in 2004, Gazza in 1990 -I hope he can do it.

“That naughty smile, he believes in himself. He can [set] This game ignited for England. “

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The shooter thanks the assist provider for putting the ball on the plate


The shooter thanks the assist provider for putting the ball on the plateCredit: Agence France-Presse
Bukayo Saka takes off his jersey. Sterling’s score in England’s game against the Czech Republic left fans confused

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