The opinion of Meghan McCain said that Biden’s abortion stance “causes serious harm to the United States” and that he will have to “talk to his creator”

The opinion of Meghan McCain questioned President Joe Biden’s devout Catholicism, saying that his position on abortion caused “serious harm” to the country, and when he met his “creator” he would have to do it for himself Reply.

The conservative expert continued to criticize the president’s pro-abortion position, saying that he was “causing serious mental harm to himself” because his theology was inconsistent with his politics.


Megan McCain said Biden’s position on abortion poses a “serious” threat to the countryCredit: ABC

McCain said on Monday’s program: “If you are a devout Catholic as President Biden claims, then abortion is a serious crime that can cause deep spiritual harm to you.”

“President Biden has supported the Hyde Amendment until 2019, when he decided to run for president, and the Hyde Amendment means that the government will provide federal funds for abortion,” she explained.

“And he indicated in the upcoming budget that he supports it, I think this has become a threshold,” she explained when talking about Biden’s failure.

“Because if he is for federal funding of abortion, I know that the women on the show disagree with me, but as far as I am concerned, abortion is murder, which means that the government is funding the killing of an unborn child.”

She said that Biden will have to work with him "Creator" When the time is right


She said that Biden will have to talk to his “creator” when the time is rightCredit: Associated Press

McCain is an outspoken pro-life supporter who said that Biden’s position directly contradicts his and her beliefs.

“As professionals, we must fight for the rights of the unborn. This is a doctrine as old as the Catholic Church itself.”

“So he must choose his official position,” she explained, adding that if he himself “personally opposes abortion” but does not want to implement his personal beliefs in this country, he should also make it clear.

“I never understood this argument,” she argued. “It’s like saying, I personally oppose murder, but it doesn’t matter if you want to murder, because it’s not my problem. It’s not registered with me, I don’t understand.”

“So it ultimately depends on the church, but he has gone very well here. In the end, all these issues are the life and death of Catholics for devout Christians.”

“When the time is right, he will eventually have to talk to his creator, as we all do, and reconcile his politics with his personal beliefs.”

“And I believe he is causing serious mental harm to himself and this country.”

McCain’s comments were made after the bishop It was voted to cancel the communion ceremony for politicians who support abortion.

The American Conference of Catholic Bishops passed restrictive measures on Friday by 168 votes to 55 with 6 abstentions.

However, Biden believes that voting is iconic and he is likely to be able to participate.

“I don’t think this will happen,” Biden said, noting that the issue is a “private matter.”

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