Jill is good, ending well

England was heartbroken after Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell were forced to quarantine, writing Sam Street.

After Billy Gilmour in Scotland tested positive for the coronavirus, the couple were identified as close contacts by the Department of Public Health England.

However, before the final game with Croatia, Gilmore’s Scottish teammates were not required to be isolated.

Ironically, the British regulations punish the Three Lions while protecting Scotland from self-isolation.

The reason why no Scottish players must be quarantined is that the Public Health Department of England did not identify any of them as “close contacts” of Gilmore.

According to NHS England, close contact means “close face-to-face contact” (under one meter) at any time, including talking to someone or coughing at them.

Close contact may also mean being within 2 meters of someone for more than 15 minutes or traveling with them in a small vehicle.

After England and Scotland drew 0-0, the Public Health Agency of England reviewed the footage of Mount, Chilwell and Gilmore in the Wembley Tunnel and found that the three players had been talking for 22 minutes. .


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