The first trial of Hong Kong’s National Security Law is underway | Political News

The first trial of Hong Kong’s National Security Law is underway | Political News


Tong Yingjie rushed into a group of police officers on a motorcycle with a “liberation” flag, and was charged with “secession of the country” and could face life imprisonment.

Tang Yingjie is the first person to be charged under Hong Kong’s one-year-old national security law. He appeared in court on Wednesday and was charged with “secession” and “terrorism” on charges of riding a motorcycle while calling for the liberation of China Of the banner. A group of policemen.

If found guilty, a 24-year-old child could face life imprisonment. He was also accused of dangerous driving.

The trial was heard by three judges without a jury. It was China’s first legislation implemented last year after months of protests in 2019. The Hong Kong and Chinese authorities believe that after this, it is necessary to enact broad-worded laws to restore stability in Hong Kong. Some demonstrations have become violent and may only apply to a few cases.

Critics say that since the bill came into effect, it has been used as a tool to suppress the pro-democracy movement, and dozens of politicians and activists have been arrested.

According to Citizen News, diplomats from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand were outside the courtroom, and the proceedings began at 10:45 am (02:45 GMT).

Tang was detained on July 1, a few hours after the implementation of the legislation. He allegedly drove a motorcycle into a group of police when he was protesting the National Security Law that day. A black flag hung on this bicycle with the slogan “Recover Hong Kong, Revolution of the Times” written on it. This slogan was made illegal by law.

He pleaded not guilty to all three charges.

According to the securities law, a case can be decided by three judges instead of a jury, which is a common practice under the common law system in Hong Kong.

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