Supporters plan to hold rally on gun violence restraining order at Larry Millete court hearing

Supporters plan to hold rally on gun violence restraining order at Larry Millete court hearing


Santiago – The husband of the missing Chula Vista mother Maya Millet is scheduled to hold a hearing on Tuesday Temporary Gun Violence Restriction Order Charges were issued against him in May.

“After six months, we hope that the case will progress. Tomorrow is an important day we look forward to,” said Brian Ruiz, a member of the #TeamMaya team.

After Millett disappeared on January 7, her friends, family and supporters have been working for more than half a year to find her and seek answers. In the weeks and months after seeing the 40-year-old mother of three children for the last time, Chula Vista police investigators have interviewed dozens of people and issued more than 40 search warrants. The terrain of the community surrounding Millett’s home was searched many times, but few clues to her whereabouts were found.

In the May 5 restraining order-issued as part of the investigation two days before the police searched Millett’s house-Larry Millett was accused of possessing illegal assault weapons and unregistered firearms.

The Gun Violence Restriction Order prohibits individuals from owning or purchasing guns, ammunition, or magazines. According to the San Diego County Superior Court website.

But in the nearly 80-page document last week, Larry Millete argued that since his wife’s disappearance, he had received threatening letters and text messages of allegations that he needed guns to protect his family. He also argued that due to the recent California ruling on assault rifles, some guns are now legal.

The documents submitted by Millett stated that the way he was treated by the police, the description of him in the local news media, and the threats he received from the public in the past six months have all created an experience for him and his children. “Toxic environment”.

The hearing will not be open to the public, but #TeamMaya will gather outside for justice.

“This is just another way of expressing support for the family,” Manita Gordon-Hurt said. “Family cannot always attend every event, but some people can stand up for the family and attend when they can’t.”

No one knows the outcome of the court hearing on Tuesday. Supporters of #TeamMaya still hope that the case progresses, and any breakthroughs that may help the community find Maya.

Mary Chris and Richard Maya’s sister and brother-in-law Drouaillet, who lives in Riverside County, said they hope the judge will make the right decision for the safety of Millett’s children. They are not expected to attend Tuesday’s hearing in San Diego.

Larry’s lawyer did not respond to a reporter’s request for comment on the upcoming hearing.

Despite this, the search for Millett continued this week. A group of people from #TeamMaya plan to hold a prayer walk and vigil at De Anza Cove Park in Mission Bay at 4:30 pm on Sunday.

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