Putin accused the United States of planning a 2014 “coup” in Ukraine | Vladimir Putin News

Putin accused the United States of planning a 2014 “coup” in Ukraine | Vladimir Putin News


In a column in a German magazine, the Russian president accused Washington of creating Yanukovych’s removal.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the popular uprising that former Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych was forced to step down in 2014 was the result of a “coup” planned by the United States and supported by Washington’s European allies. The mainland strengthens cooperation.

On Tuesday, Putin wrote a column in the German newspaper Zeit to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II and described Yanukovych’s downfall as an “anti-constitutional armed coup”.

Moscow has long accused the United States of inciting unrest in Ukraine. Since the removal of pro-Kremlin leader Yanukovych, tensions between Ukraine and neighboring Russia have increased.

After his withdrawal in February 2014, Russia annexed the Black Sea region of Crimea and supported separatist fighters when armed conflict broke out in eastern Ukraine.

Putin wrote that the post-Cold War dynamics have allowed countries to face an “artificial choice” between the West or Russia, shaping the “Ukrainian tragedy.”

“Why did the United States organize a coup? Why did European countries fail to support them, provoking internal divisions in Ukraine and the withdrawal of troops from Crimea?” He said.

“Now the entire European security system has been seriously degraded. Tensions are increasing, and the risk of a new arms race is becoming a reality.”

Putin’s comments are in his highly anticipated Geneva Summit During a meeting with his American counterpart Joe Biden last week, the two pledged to try to lay the groundwork for future arms control agreements and return their respective ambassadors to their respective positions.

Before the talks, both sides had stated that Russia’s relations with the West were at a post-Cold War low point, and it was unlikely that major breakthroughs would be made.

Putin focuses on “comprehensive partnership with Europe”

The Russian leader is Hurry up After the meeting, Biden praised the American president for his professionalism.

But the Kremlin warned that there are still major differences between Moscow and Washington, especially on the role of Ukraine and NATO (the transatlantic security alliance that Biden strongly urges the United States to join) in European affairs.

Putin said in his op-ed that Russia and European powers “missed the huge opportunities that cooperation has brought us” due to their icy relations.

“it [cooperation] It is very important now, when we are all facing a common challenge-the pandemic and its terrible socio-economic consequences,” he wrote in this article, which was also published in the Kremlin website.

“The entire post-war history of Greater Europe proves that only through the joint efforts of all countries, including Russia, can the prosperity and security of our common continent be possible,” Putin added, citing that his country is “inseparable from Europe.” Cultural and historical connections.” ”

“I repeat: Russia supports the restoration of a comprehensive partnership with Europe.”

The Russian leader stated that Moscow and other European capitals can cooperate on issues of common concern, including security, energy, technology and the environment.

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