Protests against NB-NS border restrictions closed part of the Trans-Canada Highway

Protests against NB-NS border restrictions closed part of the Trans-Canada Highway


Part of the Trans-Canada highway in Nova Scotia has been closed due to a protest against border restrictions announced by the provincial government on Tuesday.

The Department of Transportation wrote on Twitter that all four lanes at Exit 7 of Cobequid Pass 104, about 50 kilometers from the border between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, were closed and detours were taken.

The RCMP stated that traffic is turning from Exit 7 to Highway 4. The RCMP asks people to avoid the area and if they are in the area, please drive carefully.

Announced on Tuesday, Passengers from New Brunswick still need to self-quarantine after arrival, Even after Nova Scotia opened its borders with PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador, there were no isolation or testing requirements from Wednesday.

New Brunswick Open borders to Canadian tourists They came from outside the Atlantic region last week, but they are not required to self-isolate, provided they have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. It is the only Atlantic Canadian province to do so.

The Governor of Nova Scotia, Iain Rankin, said at a press conference: “Due to the measures taken by New Brunswick on tourists from other parts of Canada, when people enter Nova Scotia from the province, To save time, we need to maintain a certain degree of protection.”

Ministry of Justice issued threats

In a Facebook video on Tuesday afternoon, PC MLA Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, representing Cumberland North, threatened to close the Trans-Canada Highway in protest.

“If you don’t change your mind and let the people of Cumberland and New Brunswick meet each other without self-isolation, the Trans-Canada Highway will be closed until you open the border for the family. Cumberland,” she Say.

At the COVID-19 briefing in Nova Scotia on Tuesday afternoon, Rankin did not explain why he had to wait until the day before the border changes took effect before announcing stricter restrictions on New Brunswick.

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