Pakistani police: clergy confessed to children’s rights for sexually assaulting students

Pakistani police: clergy confessed to children’s rights for sexually assaulting students


According to the police, the clergy admitted that they promised to pass grades in exchange for the “sexual favors” of a male student.

According to the police, a religious clergyman accused of sexually assaulting a student in a religious school in Lahore, Pakistan’s second largest city, has been arrested and confessed to his crimes. These allegations sparked public outcry. Rear.

Aziz-ur-Rehman, who was arrested in the northwest town of Mianwali on Saturday, denied the allegations in a video posted on social media earlier.

“We have been able to arrest this criminal. We will use it as a test case, interrogate him, conduct scientific and professional investigations, prosecute and convict the court,” Punjab Provincial Police Chief Inan Ghani said, Lahore is the right one. The capital of the province.

“We want our children to be protected from these child harassers and protect our society for our future.”

On Monday, the police said Rehman had admitted the charges against him, saying that he had promised that the student would pass the test scores in exchange for sexual benefits.

According to the magistrate’s order, Rehman will be detained by the police for at least four days.

On June 17, after the student came forward to accuse the clergyman, the police filed a criminal lawsuit against him. A previous video showed Rehman having sex with the student.

The case was registered in accordance with a provision of Pakistani law that involved “physical intercourse with any man, woman or animal that violates the order of nature” and “criminal intimidation.”

In the criminal proceedings, the student claimed that Lehman, a senior teacher at the religious seminary where he was studying, first accused him of cheating in the exam and barred him from taking further exams.

According to the complaint, the clergy allegedly subsequently proposed that if the student “makes him happy,” he would be allowed to take and pass the exam.

“[D]Although three years have passed, I was beaten every Friday during this period, but he did nothing and started blackmailing me more,” the student said in the complaint.

The student then secretly recorded a video of abuse and first shared it with the seminary authorities-he said they did not take these allegations seriously-and then shared it with the police.

In a video message released before his arrest, Lehman strongly denied these allegations, accused the student of poisoning him with unspecified substances, and then recorded the video.

“Take Allah as a testimony, I swear, in my own sense, I have never done this before,” he said. “Actually, before this video was made, the boy made me drink something, after which I stopped being sane.”

Sexual abuse of children is a common problem in South Asian countries, with more than 2,960 cases Child abuse According to the rights group Sahil, the company was registered in 2020.

Of these cases, more than 62% involved some form of sexual abuse, including rape and forced filming for pornographic purposes.

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