If the quarantine is lifted, Britons with the second Covid vaccine may fly to European hotspots

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Matt Hancock (Matt Hancock) said that the British will be simultaneously vaccinated with influenza and Covid booster shots as part of the fight against the virus this winter.

The Minister of Health said that he was “worried” about the impact of the flu after the least number of cases in a year.

He said this winter was “full of challenges” and added that he hoped that no further lockdown restrictions would be required.

“We are worried about the flu this winter because people’s natural immunity will decrease, because we have not been infected with any severe flu for 18 months,” he told Time Radio.

“We had a difficult winter in 2019. Due to Covid restrictions, we did not get the flu at all last winter, so this is something we worry about.

“We will launch a very important flu vaccination campaign this fall-maybe at the same time, you may get the Covid booster vaccine and flu vaccine at the same time, and we are testing whether this can be done.”

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