“East Side Mare” fans warn against breaking into Wallingford residence where the show was filmed

“East Side Mare” fans warn against breaking into Wallingford residence where the show was filmed


The “East Side Mare” fanaticism seems to have reached new heights in the Philadelphia area, but it may make some followers of HBO’s Murder Mystery series stand on the wrong side of the law.

Lower Providence Town Police has warned fans of the show not to trespass into private homes in Wallingford, Delaware County. Detective Mare Sheehan, played by Kate Winslet, and other characters in this seven-episode limited series live.

“Yes! They took a lot of pictures in our town, which is good,” the police said in a statement posted to social media. “Yes! Kate’lives in Wallingford’ is really cool.”

“No!!! It’s not cool to go to the house where they filmed and harass the property owners and their children day and night…really!” the police continued. “This is a house. Get over it.”

Police Information?: Yes! They shot a lot in our town, which is good. Yes it is! ! Kate is really cool “Life…

Publisher Lower Providence Police on Monday, June 21, 2021

The owner of the Wallingford house where the Winslet character lives Tell 6ABC Fans will not stop walking into her property. One example happened late at night when a fan came to the house and looked through the front window of the house.

Another fan cursed the homeowner after being asked to stop filming the house while his family was playing on the front lawn. The homeowner said that the increasing attention and traffic around their home made her daughter afraid to go out now.

The police are now telling fans to stop and think about it before heading to the fictional world of East Town and say they will not issue a warning. Officials have been set up in and around the area, ready to take necessary actions.

Signs of “no trespass” and “private property” have been posted. The police stated that they will not tolerate unauthorized entry, obstruction of traffic and disturbance of law and order.

“The Mare of the East City” is set in the western suburbs of Philadelphia and tells the character of Winslet. She tried to solve a murder investigation and two missing persons cases while struggling in her personal life.

Parts of this series were filmed before the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic. Once it is deemed safe to resume filming, the actors and crew will re-assemble and complete the production in 2020. Filming locations were in Philadelphia areas, such as Wallingford, Cotsville, Chatsford, Phoenixville and Springfield, as well as a few neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

All seven episodes of “East City Mare” can be played on HBO Max.

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