Daryl Morey explained the reason for his withdrawal in the second round: “We don’t have good enough players”

Daryl Morey explained the reason for his withdrawal in the second round: “We don’t have good enough players”


Philadelphia’s disastrous defeat in the second round caused Daryl Morey to suffer when speaking to the media on Tuesday morning. When he finally talked about discussing the loss of Game 7 at their home court, Morey showed obvious pain, which is a surprise for someone who has experienced a lot of painful playoff exits during the league.

But when he was asked to explain why Philadelphia was behind, Morey was as cold and calculating as ever.

“You want to enter the playoffs as the favorites to win, and we don’t. Look, in the end you win or lose mainly your players. My job is to get the best players. Frankly speaking, we don’t have enough good players. .Now, I like how our young players push our top players, I like Doc’s reaction with everyone in the locker room and the meeting he held today, everyone is talking about how they will improve. The reality is that we need to be one. A better team with better players. This is the improvement of the players from here. We need to bring in better players. We will achieve this goal.”

Maybe this shows that Morey is willing to go (or just his job security) his Responsibility comes first. Different teams in different cities, but Portland general manager Neil Orsh did everything, but when evaluating the bus of former head coach Terry Stotts himself, he assessed that the Trail Blazers once again withdrew from the playoffs early. The reason, dismissed any and all questions about lineup construction. Morey was still in the honeymoon period in Philadelphia, and he chose to admit that he could do more instead of giving pointers.

He is also right. It seems counterintuitive to say that the No. 1 seed in the East does not have enough good players, but if you are a better team, you won’t lose three home games in a seven-game series. The existence of the seven-game series is primarily to reward excellent teams and protect them from fluke results and differences. The “better team” did not break multiple huge leads, and finally lost the climax of the last game at home to end the season. Atlanta’s strength that is approaching this season under the leadership of Nate McMillan should be taken more seriously by the forces of hindsight.

In hindsight, please note that this is a tool that the 76ers must use in order to move this matter forward. The bits and pieces of their summer plan have already begun-Danny Green told reporters on Monday that Rivers insisted that he will return to the Philadelphia uniform next season-but the Philadelphia think tank is not yet in place.

The unresolved issue is how to deal with Ben Simmons, and the 76ers may choose from a bunch of bad choices this summer. Catch him, and when the team returns to the game next season, the situation may get worse, and the fans are uneasy about the big improvement. In exchange for dollars for pennies, you risk the team getting worse in the short term without the long-term upside to justify it. The act of threading a needle and returning to a star who helped you win now and forget that Simmons once existed, feels even more impossible than in the past.

On Tuesday morning, Morey was repeatedly asked to make promises to Simmons. Perhaps he knew from his affirmation that Chris Paul would not leave Houston. Morey was standing behind his core players and did not specifically guarantee that Simmons would be there. The future of Philadelphia.

“We have a very strong team, we believe. No one of us can predict the future of what will happen anywhere. We like what Ben brings, we like what Joel brings, and we like Tobias bring Things,” Morey said. “As far as the next thing is concerned, we will do the best thing for the 76ers, so that we have the best chance to win the championship. Every player on the roster…any move that helps our team win the championship. , Or increase our odds, if it makes sense, we will consider and take action.”

If all roads pass through Simmons, then there is a clear reason-he is the only person you might have the opportunity to move, and he can give anything back to help you improve in the short to medium term. If Tobias Harris is in the trading zone, he will not fully accept the high price offer, and of course you will not trade your close MVP key figures, he will pull you to a respected position in many cases. Only Simmons is left, or at least the ideal version of Simmons, except for some creative asset management that allows Morey to make low-key upgrades.

Regarding the exact way they would move the pieces on the board, Morey unexpectedly respected Rivers, leaving the position assignment and team loopholes and matters of this nature to the head coach to solve. For example, some fans’ long-standing belief that Simmons should be considered a power forward is directed in the direction of the coach’s office. However, philosophically, Morey’s 76ers are an outsider in today’s NBA, an organization built around big men rather than guards or wings. His acknowledgment of how the game leans towards outside players has inspired some to wonder if he is considering a very different move this summer.

But in the end, the thing that defines Morey during the league is not to insist on analysis or pursue three-pointers at all costs, but to pursue top stars and find the rest of the beliefs from there. Not only is he content to try to build a competitor around Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady-undeniably in a different NBA style. If his health permits, he is likely to have, but his path to the next high-level team is through James Harden and an army of shooters. In addition to the huge wealth that fell from the sky, the most realistic way for him to win the championship is to find the right players around Embiid, because it is much more difficult to get this frontline star than to find a good person who will eventually provide him, rather than a great person to support it. structure.

Please note that the league level is changing, which may change the dynamics between small and big men-the NBA is expected to make rule changes to prevent outside players from jumping and waving the league for fouls in today’s game . Just look at Atlanta master Trae Young to show how the referee’s focus has changed the league. The organization’s position seems to be that the 76ers should avoid entering this offseason (or any other season), with the mentality of needing a specific thing, and spending money there regardless of the consequences.

“We have to make the best decisions this offseason through free agents, trades and drafts. If we continue like we have to do X, I know that won’t work,” Morey said. “You can’t go in and say that we need this. If you do this, you will fail because you need a whole set of options, and then choose an option to optimize your chances of winning. I think we did a good job. This is not very good. We need to do very well this offseason.”

Perhaps the road to success depends on internal development, whether it is from a star or a young player, they are just trying to consolidate their position in the rotation. The most meaningful change in Philadelphia last offseason was Joel Embiid’s leap. Although it is unrealistic to expect Simmons, Harris, or anyone else to do this next season, it’s unrealistic to add players and Offseason planning can help facilitate this growth.

Will they come next season as a better team than at the end? This remains to be seen, even the way to try to do this. For Philadelphia in late June 2021, the only thing that seems clear is that even as the No. 1 seed, another defeat in the second round will not cut it.

“I think you replayed that game seven times, we performed better, we won, but look, reality is reality, we didn’t do it, and frankly, if we scream in the second round, it’s just Tell me we are not. Unfortunately, we are not good enough and may not be able to win the championship. So we need to get better.”

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