Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham strikes back at sturgeon over Scotland travel ban

The Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said in response to Scottish Chief Minister Nicholas Sturgeon’s comments: “I found that this insult was not directed at me, but at those who were directly affected by her announcement. This is not just about The direct impact of Greater Manchester is also an impact on our reputation as a city.

“If the first minister of a country stands up at a press conference and announces that the second city in the UK is implementing a travel ban, it will have an impact. People in other parts of Europe and around the world have heard it. So it’s not just A more localized matter between us and Scotland, it has an impact on our urban areas.

“I don’t think we have the respect we deserve. I’m mainly talking about the people of Greater Manchester, not myself. It has a real impact. It has an impact on the people who book holiday cabins, and they have to work because of work. go with.

“So the suggestion, as today’s chief minister did,’Oh, it’s all about politics and attitude’, to them, to those people.

“Why is Bolton under the travel ban today because it has a much lower case rate than Dundee? How fair is this?”


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