Coronado board voted to fire coach after tortilla throwing incident

Coronado, California-After delivering a series of enthusiastic speeches at the Regional Championship at Coronado High School on Saturday, the trustees of the Coronado Unified School District Management Committee voted unanimously to fire the school’s basketball coach.

At a special meeting on Tuesday, the board of directors removed JD Laaperi from office by a 5-0 vote, and no disciplinary action was taken against the school’s student athletes.It appears in Video surfaced showing fans throwing tacos at opponent players at Orange Glen High School After the competition from the Escondido Unified School District, which is dominated by Latinos, Coronado High School won by a narrow margin.

This incident was widely condemned as racism and disrespect, including Laaperi In a tweet after Saturday’s game.

“From the West Coast to the East Coast, every Latino clearly sees the racial tone, classism, and the colorism shown,” Coronado Joint Trustee Esther Valdes-Clayton ( Esther Valdes-Clayton) said.

Coronado High School student Audrey Moore (Audrey Moore) saw the video of tossing tortillas. She said that what happened made people “very painful.”

“We did it,” Moore said. “We have caused pain, Coronado, and we must take responsibility.”

The head of the Coronado Unified School District called it a “sportsmanship violation” in an apology the day after the game. On Monday, the board condemned the behavior as “shocking, degrading and disrespectful.”

A letter obtained by FOX 5 said: “We fully condemn the racism, classism, and color discrimination that contribute to the perpetrator’s behavior.”

Defender Mark Madore, who played for Orange Glen, told FOX 5 on Tuesday He has never experienced what happened in Saturday’s game.

“I think we are really not respected,” Mador said.

Some parents and community members in Coronado argued Tuesday that the board of directors had gone too far. They believe that the operation should be postponed until the investigation of the incident by the district and Coronado police is completed.

“You brought countless problems to our boys, including death threats,” a spokesperson said. “You can’t gather all the information to make an informed decision.”

Coronado High School basketball team captain Wayne McKinney III admitted that no player knew that the tacos were brought to the game, and that “no player has any (racial) hostility towards the Orange Glen players.”

“The tortillas are brought by people who have nothing to do with the team,” McKinney said. “However, throwing tortillas after the game is against sportsmanship and unforgivable. We apologize for this behavior on behalf of the team.

Other speakers called this behavior blatant racism and said it was a problem that some people did not realize.

“This is unforgivable,” one speaker said. “People need to be fired, coaches need to be fired, because if there is no accountability, then we will come back here again 10 times. We are tired of attending meetings like this.”

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