Britney Spears’ supervision hearing live broadcast-pop star will speak on controversy for the first time this week

Without protection, Britney’s life “will completely change BTTER”

Since her public collapse in 2008, the pop star’s life has been managed by a controversial court order regulator.

The following Britney’s Insiders told legal requirements Sixth page If Jamie ceases to be her administrator, her life “will be completely better.”

The singer’s lawyer applied for Jodi Montgomery (Jodi Montgomery) to formally replace her father and become the permanent protector of Britney’s personal affairs.

An insider told the media: “If Jody becomes her administrator, Britney’s situation will change dramatically-because of her father, she does not have a job. She once said that as long as her father controls her life, There would be no work.

“Britney trusts Jody Montgomery-she is really good. Things will get better.”

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