Coronado, California-The Coronado Union School Board will hold a special meeting on Tuesday to decide whether to punish students Throw tortillas in a regional championship basketball game At Coronado High School on the weekend.

The screenshot shows the tortilla being thrown to the high school basketball player after a game at Coronado High School and then falling to the ground.

The video obtained by FOX 5 showed that the opposing team Orange Glen High School from the Latino Escondido Unified School District was thrown tortillas. This was after the game on Saturday, when Coronado High School won 60-57 when the Orange Glen players approached the opposing team to shake hands after the game.

Lizardo Reynoso, assistant basketball coach at Orange Glen, said the team is still very shaken.

“I think it’s like pita or something,” Reynoso said. “(It) was like walking towards us at first, and I thought,’What the hell is going on?’ More and more people started walking towards us, and my wife said,’Gosh, they are throwing tortillas .'”

Community leaders and social justice advocates expressed their views on this behavior and condemned it as racism.In a letter obtained by FOX 5, the Board of Directors of Coronado Unified Apologize to the Orange Glen community, Acknowledging that the behavior was “shocking, degrading and disrespectful”.

The letter read: “We fully condemn the racism, classism, and color discrimination that contribute to the perpetrator’s behavior.”

Enrique Morones, a human rights activist and founder and executive director of Gente Unida, said that the Coronado High School community needs to be called on to take action.

“We can’t accept it,” Morones said. “These are young people. They are obviously affected, perhaps by the parents of their friends.”

While throwing tortillas, other people in attendance were heard screaming swear words in the Orange Glen team. Reynoso said this behavior is both hurtful and racist.

“I know that many people in our team have been offended and injured,” Reynoso said. “I, myself, I’m 100% Mexican American. Both my parents are from Mexico, and it’s really hard for me to accept.”

On Saturday, Coronado police responded by helping people leave the stadium after the game. The police said they had identified the man who brought the tortilla to the game and stated that he was not a student. Information about the man or any consequences after Saturday night have not been disclosed.

The California Intercollegiate Association said on Sunday that it was investigating.

Members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, including San Diego’s Lorena Gonzalez, also reacted to the news, saying: “This is beyond teaching time – it’s an obvious Cases of racism come from students who are old enough to learn more.”

“We call on CIF to take strong action to hold responsible students and schools accountable for these heinous violations,” the core team member said In tweet.

The Union of Latin American Citizens (LULAC) agreed and stepped in to ensure that the behavior was resolved.

“This should not be taken lightly, otherwise it may happen again,” said Andrés Rodriguez of LULAC, “or it could be a domino effect and cause something more serious because they won’t see any kind of result.”


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