After quarreling with her husband, she met the policeman who “slapped the woman’s butt and pushed his hand onto her shorts” in the hotel room.

A police officer allegedly slapped a woman’s ass in a hotel room and put his hand into her underwear after a dispute with her husband.

The 48-year-old Metropolitan Police Officer PC Rudvelle Walters was accused of sexually assaulting the woman during a welfare inspection in northwest London in the early morning of February 5, 2019.


PC Rudvelle Walters outside Southwark Criminal CourtCredit: PA

The Polish woman, whose identity could not be determined due to legal reasons, told the court that after “breaking up” with her husband, she and a friend were staying at the Best Western Hotel in Wembley.

Walters was on duty at the time. After her husband reported her missing, her task was to go to the hotel to check on the woman.

The prosecuting Abigail husband said that Walters “walked into the hotel room, reached into her underwear, and sexually assaulted her.”

“He said if her friend gave him a kiss, he would like it,” the husbands told the court.

“He tried to pull the duvet from her friend and got a kiss from her. He slapped her on the ass with his right hand, and she noticed that his body camera was not turned on.

“He put his right hand on the left leg of her shorts and reached into her pants.”

The police officer under the Northwest Command was arrested at Wembley Police Station the next day.

Southwark Crown Court How she first spoke to a male police officer over the phone, who was at her home address after her husband reported her missing.

Fearing that her husband would find out, she did not provide her location, but she later called the non-emergency hotline and provided the police with the name of the hotel.

The woman told the court through an interpreter: “I felt very stressed because of my experience at that hotel, very, very unpleasant. For safety, I fled to that hotel.”

PC Rudvelle Walters of Luton, Bedfordshire (right) denies sexual assault


PC Rudvelle Walters of Luton, Bedfordshire (right) denies sexual assaultCredit: PA
Walters appeared in Southwark Criminal Court on allegations of sexual assault


Walters appeared in Southwark Criminal Court on allegations of sexual assaultCredit: PA

“I am 100% sure that this is not a policeman at all,” she added.

“I’m sure my husband sent a friend of his to find out which room I was in.”

The woman in her 20s said that when Walters appeared in her hotel room, she was “surprised” because she thought there would be a female police officer.

Regarding defense lawyer Robert Morris’s claim that the incident did not occur, the woman fired back.

She said: “Sir, do you believe that I spent nearly three years in interviews, revisiting the pressure in the court, and talking nonsense about things that have never happened?

“At the beginning of the case, I swear by the Bible that everything I want to say is true.

“So you can’t tell me it didn’t happen, because it did happen-otherwise I wouldn’t be here now.”

The witness also told Morris that she was considering withdrawing from the case.

She added: “Your client puts his hands under my shorts and shorts.

“If it weren’t true, I would have given up long ago.”

She denied that Walters claimed that she grabbed the officer’s arm and showed him the photo on the phone.

Allegedly, Walters (center) later sent a Facebook friend request to the woman


Allegedly, Walters (center) later sent a Facebook friend request to the womanCredit: PA

Morris told the woman: “You started messing around with Mr. Walters, didn’t you?”

“Absolutely not,” she replied.

When she denied the accusation of how Walters slapped her butt and put his hand into her shorts, her voice was hoarse.

“You believe I spent nearly three years in interviews, revisiting this pressure in court and talking about things that have never happened,” she said.

Allegedly, the official later sent her a Facebook friend request asking for her name and mobile phone number, which the court learned.

In a recorded interview, she said: “He sent me two messages emoji and’hello’.

“I remember someone told me that I actually used emoji to reply, but I don’t remember, because why should I communicate with him in any form?

“We don’t want to contact him, nor do we want him to come back.

“It’s possible that he got my phone when I wasn’t looking at it. I remember he wanted to be friends with us on Facebook, so he might have looked up my friend from my Facebook account.”

Walters, from Luton, Bedfordshire, denies sexual assault.

The trial is still going on.

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