After closing the Golden Cavaliers, the Canadians won 1 win in the Stanley Cup final

Carey Price stopped 26 shots on Tuesday, and the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Vegas Golden Cavaliers 4-1 to lead 3-2 in the Stanley Cup semi-final series.

Game 6 will be held in Montreal on Thursday, and a victory will mean a final against Tampa Bay or the New York Islanders.

Montreal was in control from the first few minutes, when Jesperi Kotkaniemi buried Josh Anderson against Marc-André Fleury. Fleury’s offense, he scored midway through the first quarter.

Eric Staal and Cole Caufield both expanded the score in the second game, and the latter seized one of Montreal’s two strong game opportunities.

Nick Suzuki added an air-net pitcher in the last few seconds and a three-point night, while silenced 17,969 spectators. Fleury stopped 23 of 26 shots.

Former Habs winger Max Pacioretti finally made the Golden Cavaliers their only mark within four minutes of the third quarter.

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Montreal defeated the Golden Cavaliers 4-1 in the 5th game, and never lags behind with a 3-2 series lead. 1:54

The Canadians are leading 1 to 2 and the Cavaliers are leading 0 to 1.

Stahl rewritten the score to 2-0 within 8 minutes of the second quarter, and after a perfect supply from teammate Suzuki, he defeated Fleury from the beginning.

In the first strong game of the night in Montreal, Las Vegas cleaned up errors and helped Corey Perry feed Caulfield for his third goal in the playoffs.

On Tuesday, Fleury’s gaffe in Game 3 made him lose his starting position, and in Game 4, substitute network administrator Robin Lehner received a heroic welcome.

But the Canadians quickly drained energy from the usually noisy T-Mobile arena.

‘Everyone feels confident’

After interim coach Dominique Ducharme (Dominique Ducharme) tested positive for COVID-19, Canadians assistant coach Luke Richardson is on the bench. He said that the Habs team is in the series. The position in the game has nothing to do with the way they treat each game.

“Everyone feels confident, everyone knows their role, and we played very well,” Richardson said after the team skating on Tuesday.

“Whether we are in the lead, whether we are behind, tied, overtime, the game starts, this will continue-this is what we want, keep the same mentality.”

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Players, fans, and the media are frustrated with the referee’s “whistle.” 4:06

He added that Ducharme still exists.

“We have been communicating between periods,” Richardson said.

“Dom-just like he was on the court-he is short and pertinent. Two to three points will help our team get better in the next stage. This is the focus of our attention.”

In the second game, the Canadians succeeded in suppressing the noisy spectators and the Golden Cavaliers lost their huge advantage on the ice at home, considering that the Habu team only played in front of 2,500 fans in Montreal, while Las Vegas The number of viewers in Sri Lanka is close to 18,000.

On Tuesday, they did it again.

Richardson said earlier on Tuesday: “We are back ahead of the other team in all three areas. It’s difficult to fight against – and it’s frustrating.”

“If you can frustrate the home team and they want to-maybe not perform for the home audience, but they want to do well, they want to do something spectacular-we usually hinder that, and This is frustrating. So in the long run, it usually bodes well for us.”

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