Will Smith will release his memoir “Will” in November

Will Smith will release his memoir “Will” in November


Will Smith is already a critically acclaimed rapper, actor and film producer. He will soon add the title of author to his outstanding resume.

Smith’s memoir “Will” will be published on November 9. This 352-page book was written by best-selling self-help author Mark Manson and is available at Smith’s website. This book is published by Penguin Random House.

Fresh prince Memoirs He will be introduced in detail on his journey from a successful West Philadelphia rapper to a Hollywood movie star. This book will also introduce Smith’s family life and delve into the influence of his star status on his wife and children.

Smith said on Instagram that the two-year writing process is “labor of love.”

“Once you conquer your own mind, it is easy to manipulate the material world,” Smith said on his website. “I believe this. Once you understand the topography of your mind, every experience, every emotion, every situation, whether positive or negative, will push you forward, toward greater growth and greater experience. . This is the real will. Action “go forward desperately.” And move forward in a way that allows others to be with you instead of leaving them behind. “

The cover art of this book was designed by visual artist Brandan Bmike Odums and consists of five layers-each layer represents a different stage of Smith’s life. Smith described the cover of the book as “very beautiful.”

Smith said in a video shared to Instagram: “When I want to find someone to create something iconic for the cover of my book, I don’t want to just take a picture.”

The news about his book was not the only noteworthy thing Smith shared online over the weekend.

Smith Enjoyed the cheese steak On Father’s Day as a short break in his weight loss program after the pandemic. He often shares the latest news of his weight management journey on social media.

Smith also participated in Facebook’s “red table talk” with actor Kevin Hart and participated in a special Father’s Day program to discuss fatherhood, their marriage and life lessons.

“I really have to learn how to care about how people feel,” Smith said in the conversation. “Not caring about their feelings is a vicious betrayal.”

“When your child shows disappointment, you don’t realize the real impact of your mistakes,” Hart said.

The complete conversation between Smith and Hart can be streamed below.

Will Smith brings Kevin Hart to the red table

Will Smith and Kevin Hart came to the negotiating table to participate in an intimate, in-depth, one-on-one special event. Interesting, revealing, and emotional, this unmissable conversation covers everything from the biggest parenting mistakes, ex-wifes and dating daughters to personal confession, revelations and important life lessons.

Publisher Red table talk Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Friday, Hart’s The latest movie “Father’s Love” is Publish on Netflix. This comedy movie Hart’s role is very different from the role he has played over the years.

“Father’s Love” tells the story of the widower played by Hart who was forced to raise his only daughter after his wife died. Hart is also the producer of the project, and his production company HartBeat Productions is also involved.

This film is adapted from “Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love” (Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love) published by Matthew Logelin in 2011. The memoir is about the author’s experience of losing his wife after giving birth to their only child.

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