Watch the upset batter hit a huge six-ball, smashing his own car window… let the opponent stitch

An unfortunate club cricketer went from ecstasy to pain after launching the ball six times-only because it smashed the windshield of his car.

St Marys of Illingworth, Halifax cricket When batsman Asif Ali hit the Peach, the league faced Thorby’s St. Peter in the quarterfinals of the Crossley Shields.


Asif Ali made a brilliant six-pointer in the club cricket game
But the ball hit his car and stopped outside the boundary


But the ball hit his car and stopped outside the boundary

The spectacular blow dealt a heavy blow to his own back pocket and opponent’s dream.

When Asif scored six points, Illingworth scored 137/5 in the second game.

The video replay showed his brief joy, as he watched the ball drive towards his car, and then confirmed its destination with a creaking smash.

Asif immediately put his hand on his head, and the shocked reaction of the crowd and players quickly turned into laughter.

Illingworth’s tweet about the incident has gone viral with a photo of the target Vauxhall Zafira-minus the rear windshield.

Fans on the Internet reveled in the accident and a tweet said: “Always park the car where you know you can’t hit. The stupid mistake of the batter.”

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Illingworth posted a photo of the wiped rear windshield on Twitter


Illingworth posted a photo of the wiped rear windshield on Twitter

George joked: “The referee absolutely loves it.”

Radio One DJ Greg James Added “should get an extra 5 points for this” before the label “tailenders of the world unite and take over”.

Rob added: “I actually did this in a race. Not only that, it was a teammate’s car, and he gave me an elevator for the race. Surprisingly, I also have an elevator for home But it’s easier on the way home.”

The special test account tweeted: “Oh, my goodness.”

speak Yorkshire Evening News After the game, Illingworth described Asif as “very frustrated after the game, but I can see all this interesting side.”

The club added that a member of the crowd called the batter to ask for his key so that they could open the car and retrieve the game ball.

Fortunately, the local repair shop Fix Auto Bradford South sponsored Illingworth and might come to his rescue.

Asif was stuck at 43 and didn’t get out because St Peter’s swept the end and went on to win with seven wickets.

The antique roadshow was shocked because experts valued the cricket stump at £10,000 and said that the historical masterpiece should be in the museum

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