Single girl live broadcast-after Katie gave him boots, contestant Carl threatened “You must drag me out”

Thomas admits he wants to be a bachelor

“There are flips and flips,” Hunter said to Thomas. “It’s like you want to be a bachelor.”

“I will never do anything to hurt you,” Thomas responded to the gathered group.

“I feel manipulated. This makes me really worried about what happened to Katie, because you might do the same to her,” Hunter shot back.

Thomas repeatedly avoided the question of whether he wanted to be a bachelor.

“I don’t have the fucking correct answer. One of the problems I face is that I always feel that I have to say something to everyone and keep smiling,” he said, referring to his charming personality.

“If you position for something else, she will be sad, I disagree,” Hunter redirected.

“Before I came here, I didn’t know what would happen,” Thomas said at last.

“I can’t be dishonest to you, and neither will I. Yes, when it comes to this, an idea in my mind is that I might be the next bachelor,” Thomas continued.

“Well, that explained a lot to me,” Hunter said. “That’s a mess.”

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