Department of Homeland Security extends non-essential border travel to the end of July

San Ysidro-The Department of Homeland Security has extended non-essential travel restrictions with Canada and Mexico until July 21.

Non-essential restrictions only apply to land and ferry crossing points for foreigners for tourism purposes.

According to the San Isidro Chamber of Commerce, nearly 200 small businesses in the area have closed since the pandemic began.

Tepito Club Electronics is one of the companies that rely on Mexican tourists for income. Employee Andrea Vargas said that business has slowed significantly since the pandemic began.

Due to the reduction in business, this store had to reduce its business hours. Vargas said that depending on the day, the maximum number of customers in the store will not exceed 10.

“I used to work at Robert Wayne, but the store closed because the business was much slower,” said Aileen Rivera, a worker at Las Americas Premium Outlets.

Rivera recently moved from Tijuana to San Isidro to get closer to work. She believes that since California has reopened, unnecessary travel restrictions should be lifted.

“I know they allow people to be vaccinated in Mexico, they are vaccinated, and I believe this should be enough reason to be able to traverse,” Rivera said.

The Department of Homeland Security stated in a tweet, “It has made positive progress in recent weeks and is participating in expert working groups between the White House and Canada and Mexico with other U.S. agencies to determine the conditions under which relaxation can be safely and sustainably achieved. limit.”

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