Watch Thierry Henry kick an amazing free kick during training in Belgium

During training in Belgium, THIERRY HENRY used an amazing “weak foot” free kick to show that the course is permanent.

The Frenchman shot with his left foot from the edge of the penalty area, and Manchester City ace Kevin De Bruyne was surprised by his talent.


Thierry Henry scored a wonderful free kick during training in Belgium
The French used a weaker foot to bend a free kick into the top corner


The French used a weaker foot to bend a free kick into the top corner

Henry, 43, received a direct free kick 25 yards from the goal.

and arsenal Before rolling the ball up and over the wall and into the upper right corner, the legend approached casually.

The goalkeeper remained in place, “cool as a cucumber”, Henry just turned around and walked casually towards the camera.

A laugh Romelu Lukaku Approached and started dragging the Premier League idol back to the locker room.

Lukaku said: “Man, the record-breaking top scorer doesn’t need this.”

The lively footage was then cut into De Bruyne Walked off the court and joked about the quality of the French legend.

He said: “This is the problem we have been training for half an hour. We scored a few goals and he just walked from the left and killed us.

“Tomorrow we have another game! This guy has been retired for ten years. He killed my countryman.”

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Henry returned to his Belgium The role after leaving Montreal in February.

he Due to the pandemic, he left his position in Canada after one year in charge About his family life.

The Frenchman served as the second assistant coach in the 2018 World Cup in Belgium. Sometimes embarrassing players in training sessionsBecause they reached the semifinals.

Henry He was then promoted to Martinez’s No. 2 player before accepting the position of Monaco’s head coach in October 2018, but he only lasted three months.

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