The woman selling the sofa feels ashamed after accidentally sharing naughty text on Facebook Marketplace

When you send a message while you are talking, there will always be a moment of thought, and you must double-check the exact location you sent it to.

The worst thing is if you send naughty picture messages or similar messages to the wrong person.


This lady feels embarrassed after she “accidentally” shared a private naughty messageCredit: Getty

Literally, this is a nightmare, but this is what happened to sofa sellers on Facebook Marketplace.

She was ashamed after she “accidentally” shared a set of naughty screenshots of text messages and photos of them trying to whip the sofa.

These screenshots were uploaded to the Facebook page of “Walthamstow and the surrounding area” as part of the ads for corner sofas, armchairs and matching cushions.

However, the seller ended up broadcasting a private text, which included messages such as “Are you ready to put this on the table?” And “I want to fuck.”

She shared it to a Facebook group while trying to whip her sofa


She shared it to a Facebook group while trying to whip her sofaCredit: Facebook

It’s unclear how long the post lasted until the seller realized what they did.

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