I was curious to hear Raheem Sterling’s speech yesterday.

Hearing his description of England’s duties as a haven of happiness, although Friday’s bleak draw with Scotland has declined, I still want to know.


Raheem Sterling is enjoying his time in England after being frustrated by the lack of time to play against Manchester City
Sterling said England were not affected by Friday's draw with Scotland


Sterling said England were not affected by Friday’s draw with Scotland

And curious to hear him say that he is dissatisfied with the lack of playing time at the club level-even though he started 28 times in the season Manchester City Winning battles and Champions League finals and Carabao Cup finals.

in spite of Harry Kane’s status and the club’s future are the source of national debate, The pound faces similar problems.

Some people suggested that Manchester City are willing to sell the winger. He was dissatisfied with being replaced by Guardiola in the club’s Champions League quarter-finals and semi-finals.

Sterling only scored 10 goals in the Premier League last season-half of his goals last season, and fell sharply when he was crowned Player of the Year in the 2018-19 season.

When England was preparing for the final European group match against the Czech Republic tomorrow night, Sterling was asked about an interview he had received last month. He said that he was “far from what I knew.”

When asked why he felt so, Sterling replied: “It’s just happiness-just happiness, enjoying my football. This is what I do here with the national team.”

Then Sterling was asked if he was unhappy in recent months.

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He replied: “If you don’t participate in the game, you are not happy. This is me, who has been me since childhood. If I play football, I am really happy-if I don’t play football, I am not happy.”

The pound may be more important United Kingdom Instead of the current city. He started in both European Cup matches-scoring the only goal in both matches, in the first win over Croatia.

However, many people prefer to go with Gareth Southgate and Jack Greerish.

Sterling has been criticizing England’s performance in the two games-claiming that they did not hold the ball well in the game against Croatia and did not show enough “personality” in the game against Scotland.

When the 26-year-old Sterling suggested that England need to show more positivity, he must be in line with the mood of the country.

Sterling believes Harry Kane will play for England at a critical moment


Sterling believes Harry Kane will play for England at a critical moment

He said: “I think for Phil (Foden) and other wingers, the more we can get the ball on the edge of the opponent’s penalty area and become a threat there, the better it will be for us, because those are The position we want.

“At the same time, we must understand that this is international football. The team is stronger. They sit there and defend their lives.

“We have to use the ball better and try to get the players to hold the ball in the correct position so that we can hurt our opponents.”

As for Kane, He looked sluggish in both games EURSterling insisted that if the captain were better served, he would perform well.

Sterling said: “He didn’t score in either game. It wasn’t that serious. I’m sure he will score when we need him the most. This is not a problem in my mind.

“As a team, we need to produce more for him-more crosses into the penalty area.

“He is a player who knows that he can score in every game. He will be the first to be disappointed, but at the same time I know when Harry will be there.”

GBP Despite his poor performance in the 0-0 game against Scotland, he insisted that there was no sense of panic in the England camp.

He said: “I was very disappointed with the locker room on Friday, but after another day, you realize that this is not the end of the world.

“You scored four points. This is championship football and you can’t expect everything to go the way we do.

“I think the fans have expectations of us, as do the players in our team.

“But as you can see from the different matches in the championship, international football matches are tricky.

“As a team, we were disappointed that we did not win, but we played a big game against the Czech Republic on Tuesday. This is a game we need to win.

“I just feel more panic outside than inside the building.

“We don’t want any negative emotions to spread, performance levels to decline, and confidence to decline-that’s everything.”

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