Old Town is crowded on Father’s Day

San Diego-As San Diego and tourists celebrate Father’s Day during the state’s reopening weekend, restaurant business is recovering strongly.

Between festivities and live music, business is booming in the old town of the Reyes Carnival on Sunday.

“It’s really great, it’s even better to have a good weather this Father’s Day,” said Ryan Ross, Fiesta De Reyes Operations Director.

“It’s nice to see everyone’s face, everyone enjoys life again, it’s been a long time,” said the tourist and father Tony Escobar.

The father of three, Javier Gaxiola (Javier Gaxiola) said that he was particularly happy to be out celebrating with his family this Father’s Day because he worked in the intensive care unit during the pandemic and last year’s Father’s Day. Long time.

“I think we need to take a step back and realize how busy it is to enjoy family in our lives. This is really the most important thing. I think we often use this and meet every day, so it really brings me back just Realize what I am grateful for and what God has given me just to enjoy family and friends,” said Gassiola.

“Last year we were all freaked out, yes, we were all panicked, but there is absolutely God, with him, we are all right,” said his wife Sarah Gaciola. “He took us through it all.”

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