Hidden chemicals found in cosmetics; Canada’s rising inflation rate: CBC’s market cheat sheet

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A new study has found “permanent chemicals” in hundreds of cosmetics.This is what you need to know

According to a new study by researchers in the United States, Canada, and Switzerland, if you wear lipstick or mascara, you may absorb potentially harmful ingredients that have been in the environment for decades.

Those ingredients called polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are rarely disclosed on the label, so it is difficult to avoid them. The research was published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters on Tuesday.

PFAS is a group of more than 4,700 man-made chemicals that contain fluorine bonded to carbon. This strong chemical bond makes them difficult to decompose.

“What is really worrying about them is that they are very persistent,” said Miriam Diamond, a professor at the University of Toronto and co-author of the study. “It will exist for many years, in fact… decades.” read more

Canadian researchers have found that hundreds of cosmetic products (many described as waterproof or long-lasting) contain potentially toxic chemicals not listed on the label. 2:00

Canada’s inflation rate is the highest in ten years.

If you have been noticing that the cost of almost everything has gone up in the past year, then this is not your idea.

According to Statistics Canada, Canada’s inflation rate rose to 3.6% in May, the fastest growth rate in a decade

The data agency said in a press release this week that the prices of all commodities, from housing and vehicles to food, energy and consumer goods, are rising faster than usual. read more

A woman passed many cars in the BMW Toronto parking lot after getting out of the car on June 16. Car prices have risen by 5% in the past year, which is the main factor driving Canada’s overall inflation rate to 3.6%, the largest annual increase in a decade. (Samnar/CBC)

Meet 3 COVID-19 long-distance transporters who have issued warnings: Don’t underestimate the virus

As the economy reopened, people’s attention turned to terraces and indoor shopping. Some people who have been suffering from COVID-19 for a long time warned that, months after the diagnosis, they should not relax their guard against the virus, which has caused them to have symptoms of weakness. .

Jane Ertel, 62, from Kitchener, Ontario, said: “We have a new variant in the town where people are there as if it disappeared and everything is safe.” “It drives me crazy.”

Ertel said that before her diagnosis, she did not smoke and had no pre-existing lung disease. Today, her lung capacity is only about 60% of the previous, and she is “frequently short of breath.” read more

Earlier this year, A kind market Questionnaire It was found that 60% of COVID-19 long-distance transporters did not get the care they thought needed to recover.

Jackie Loree, Kari Gray, and Jane Ertel are three COVID-19 long-distance transporters who continue to be affected by the coronavirus long after their case was marked as “solved”. (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Is there anything else?

When international travel resumes, Canada’s borders and airports will be very different
Due to pandemic measures, passenger traffic at the airport accounted for only 5% of the pre-COVID.

Man hired paralegal to handle his divorce-found out that he is still married
In many parts of the country, anyone can say that they are paralegals without training, insurance or supervision.

CBC analysis found that some prisoners did not provide COVID-19 injections until a few months after opening to the public
Despite housing high-risk groups, some prisons in Ontario and NS did not provide vaccines to prisoners until May.

These Cove dishwashers have been recalled due to fire hazards
Consumers should stop using this product immediately, turn off the power of this machine, and contact our company for free inspection and maintenance.

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