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good afternoon

Tribute to all the football fanatics who watched this afternoon.

When we entered the third day of the competition, the European Championship team really began to take shape.

If you haven’t realized it after the first three words of introduction, the feature of this blog is that Switzerland will face Turkey at the Baku Olympic Stadium.

The three words that the Swiss may not be able to associate after tonight are knockouts, because losing to Italy means they are currently in third place.road Bit, two points behind Wales.

And there is only one game left, not to mention the difference in goal difference with the team above them is too big, their promotion to the top 16 is definitely a miracle.

Please note that I am talking about miracles, but this is football, so it is certainly not impossible.

After tonight’s Swiss opponents failed to score a point on the board in the first games of the two group matches, their fate has almost been decided.

Therefore, if the Swiss national team played the correct cards and scored goals against the possibly exhausted Turkish team, then they have a chance to advance.

But the premise is that other results are beneficial to them. There is definitely a scene in the Swiss camp!

It is almost impossible for anyone to tell me that they are not interested in seeing how this unfolds, so please be sure to keep refreshing this page when I update all the latest gossip, quotes and team news before I kick-off at 17:00: 00 UK time.

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