Due to staff shortages, American Airlines has cancelled hundreds of flights and may cut another 2,500 flights in July

Due to staff shortages and other problems, American Airlines cancelled hundreds of flights this weekend-officials warned that there may be nearly 2,500 more flights between now and July.

According to ABC, a total of 123 flights were cancelled on Saturday and 178 flights were cancelled on Sunday. 97 flights were cancelled on Monday due to a large number of sick leave and maintenance and other staffing issues.


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An American Airlines spokesperson told the network that most of the cancelled flights occurred on A320 and 737 aircraft.

They warned that the company may continue to cancel 50 to 60 daily flights for the remainder of June, and 50 to 80 flights by the end of July, for a total of about 2,500.

As the pandemic slows and restrictions are relaxed, travel is cancelled to meet unexpected growth in travel demand.

“The first few weeks of June brought unprecedented weather to our largest hub, which severely affected our operations and caused flight delays, flight cancellations, and disruptions to crew schedules and our customers’ plans,” a US spokeswoman Stacey Day (Stacey Day) said.

“Coupled with the labor shortage faced by some of our suppliers and the rapid growth in customer demand, we have established additional flexibility and certainty for our operations by adjusting a small portion of the scheduled flights. July.”

They warned that the company may continue to cancel 50 to 60 daily flights for the rest of June and 50 to 80 flights before the end of July.


They warned that the company may continue to cancel 50 to 60 daily flights for the rest of June and 50 to 80 flights before the end of July.Credit: Getty Images

Dai said that canceling flights will help airlines “ensure that we can take care of our customers and team members and minimize unexpected situations at the airport.”

The airline stated that its goal of cancellation is to affect the minimum number of customers “by adjusting flights in a market where we have multiple re-accommodation options.”

Dai said that customers who have booked until July 15 will be notified in advance, or if their flight is cancelled, they will have been notified so they can make other arrangements in advance.

With the increase in the Covid-19 vaccination rate in the United States and the lifting of travel restrictions in recent weeks, the demand from airlines and other transportation operators has seen rapid growth.

According to the US Transportation Security Administration, nearly 50 million passengers registered at the airport in May, an increase of 19% from April.

Since June, TSA has registered nearly 35 million air passengers.

American Airlines said that in the past few weeks, severe weather has caused several hours of delays and disrupted the working hours of flights and crews, the rapid increase in demand has also appeared.

The company said that some of its suppliers are also struggling with labor shortages, which has affected the airline’s operations.

When air travel stopped completely in March 2020, thousands of employees were given early retirement and buyout opportunities, but now airlines are racing to fill these vacancies.

According to the NBC Financial Channel, American Airlines is also racing to train all its pilots who are on vacation between two federal aid programs that prohibit layoffs and pilots who should receive scheduled training.

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