Covid News-If the NHS is overwhelmed by the Delta variant, a new blockade is imminent. Experts say the UK enters the “third wave” of the virus

Top doctors warn that if hospitals are overwhelmed by COVID cases, new lockdowns may be required during the winter

The top doctors in England said that if the hospital starts to be flooded with new coronary pneumonia cases, it may need to be locked down again in winter.

Unlike last year, the British now have vaccines that can help us coexist with the virus-but if hospitals become overcrowded later this year, there may be further lockdowns.

Dr. Susan Hopkins told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “We may have to lock down further this winter. I can’t predict the future. It depends on whether the hospital starts to be overwhelmed.”

The PHE senior doctor added: “We must have seen some signs of a slowdown in some areas, for example Bolton has definitely reversed, Blackburn and Darwin have stabilized. But other parts of the country, especially some areas in the north-east , Some areas of London are still rising rapidly.

“So I don’t think this is doing the same thing all over the country. As people go out for testing, we have seen the ups and downs. I think we have seen the impact of vaccination, which is good news.

“The extra time to vaccinate more people and vaccinate as many people as possible with two doses is expected to mean that what we have seen in this wave is different from the previous waves we have seen in this country.”

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