Caroline Crouch’s latest murder-British wife suffered a “painful death” after being suffocated by her husband for five minutes

The coroner revealed that Carolyn Crouch was “in pain” after her “murderer” husband strangled her for five minutes.

The coroner’s report indicated that Caroline Crouch died “in pain” when her “killer” husband strangled her for five minutes.

An autopsy of Caroline’s body revealed that she was struggling before death because of several bruises on different parts of her body.

According to the report, the 20-year-old mother fell asleep before suffering “pain rather than immediate death” because Babis Anagnanostopoulos Killed the British for at least 5-6 minutes.

The report revealed that the cause of death of the British was suffocation, report.

According to reports, Caroline has several bruises on her lips and tongue, possibly caused by sharp objects Original theme.

There are no signs of physical abuse.

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