Murder of the Bumblebee in 2021-A giant wasp insect found near Seattle was discovered for the first time in the United States this year

Public awareness will stop the spread of wasps

After the bumblebee was found in Seattle, Sven Spichiger, the entomologist in charge of the Washington State Department of Agriculture thank Quick capture of social media.

“This new report continues to emphasize the importance of public reports for all suspected invasive species, especially the Asian Hornet,” Spichger said.

“If unconscious residents took the time to take photos and submit reports, none of this would happen.”

“Murder of bumblebees” became a viral phenomenon in 2020 because they tend to decapitate bees after attacking beehives and feed bee larvae to their offspring. “

“Many people put them on the list of bad things that happened during the year and the coronavirus pandemic.”

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