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Kate says it’s time to take action on early childhood development

The Duchess of Cambridge declared on the issue of early childhood development that “the time for action is now”, describing it as “the social equivalent of climate change.”

Kate is speaking while convening a panel of experts at a leading university in London to discuss the inauguration report of her new Royal Early Childhood Fund Center. She insists that she is not looking for a “quick win” in her early work, but wants to adopt a “holistic approach” to better prepare for the next generation of parents.

She hopes that her new agency will “talk about emotions and feelings more generally,” allowing adults to better understand how emotions affect their own behavior.

In a roundtable discussion at the London School of Economics, Kate expressed “very excited” about launching the center and added: “So today I hope that through the report and this new center, it will be shown that change really needs to happen and it’s time to take action. .

“Because I think this is the social equivalent of climate change, where we follow science for many, many years. If we want to build a happier and healthier world, this is what we have to do with early childhood development. More we understand In early childhood and the first five years of life, the more we need to take action.”

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