Locals taste the sound of live music in the first performance after the pandemic

San Diego-San Diego is full of energy The sound of live music once again.

along with Retirement of the country’s color-coded layer In order to reopen, many venues held their first performance on Thursday night, or scheduled to be held in the next few days.

After 15 long months for music lovers and artists, the holding company of Ocean Beach ushered in a special first band.

Verigolds singer Jenna Cotton said: “We should play before the quarantine happens, so it’s so beautiful to be the first band to perform live music with our community at Ocean Beach.”

Verigolds is a native of San Diego and Ocean Beach and has been playing together for the past nine years. They are also friends of Scott Yeng, the owner of the holding company.

“When we reopened, they actually wanted to play with us first. They wanted to support the locals, and it was the same for us,” Yeng said. “We want to make sure that our first performance is for our local people and the community.”

Unexpected breaks are not all bad for bands that are returning to the trend now.

“We have a brand new album, we have a brand new album that will be released soon, and many of the songs will be auditioned tonight,” Cotton said.

Although California has lifted pandemic restrictions, there are still some Guidelines still existThe holding company stated that the venue will be reopened and strict sanitation procedures will be followed.

“Even if there is no mandatory requirement now, we still hope to continue. We will limit our capacity instead of crowding everyone here,” Yeng explained. “It will have a little more space so that people can still dance and still move around freely.”

People are eager to watch these programs again. Although California has only just begun to reopen, there was a long queue for The Holding Company’s performances throughout the summer, as did Verigolds.

For more information on the rules for participating in events this summer and a list of some upcoming local shows, please check Guide to FOX 5 To the return of live music.

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