Gopuff aims to shorten delivery time by acquiring rideOS

Gopuff might get Food, cleaning supplies and other products delivered to your door Thanks to the acquisition of rideOS, a San Francisco-based platform, the platform can optimize the delivery route of the fleet, thereby speeding up.

Gopf Announce transaction It said on Thursday that as it expands to denser cities, it will better power multimodal transport and shorten delivery times. It will also give Gopuff access to a global team of experts to optimize its operations and logistics.

RideOS, led by former Uber, Google and Apple employees, Use proprietary mapping and routing technology to determine the fastest delivery route.

According to reports, Gopuff acquired rideOS for US$115 million TechCrunchEarlier this year, the Philadelphia-based company said it had raised $1.5 billion in new funding, increasing its valuation to $8.9 billion. Gopuff did not update its valuation through new acquisitions.

“RideOS is one of the best mapping, scheduling and routing technology companies in the industry, and we are happy to let them lead innovation in key areas of Gopuff,” said Sharad Sundaresan, senior vice president of product and growth. “As we lead and define global immediate demand categories, this investment will enable Gopuff to continuously improve the customer experience in more complex regions.”

Gopuff provides delivery services in 650 cities at a flat rate of $1.95. Delivery usually takes 20 to 40 minutes, depending on local conditions. The service is available 24/7 in many cities.

RideOS was created by two founding members of Uber’s Advanced Technology Department and is responsible for mapping and self-driving car technology. The company is hiring Senior software engineers, back-end engineers, product managers, data scientists and product designers from many cities including Pittsburgh.

This acquisition comes at a time when Gopuff is preparing to launch its own advertising network. Aksios Report. The internal advertising team will create customized advertising networks for consumers and marketers based on local inventory-which means that customers will only see advertisements for inventory products. Specifically, they will focus on promoting brands that they can deliver in 30 minutes.

Last month, Gopuff acquired Fancy, On-demand delivery service This will help the company expand into the international market.

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