For more than ten years, fans have participated in the first US Open in Torrey Pines

San Diego-for the first time since 2008, U.S. Open Back to San Diego.

The event usually attracts a large crowd, but due to the pandemic, this year’s capacity is still limited. On Thursday, this did not affect Torrey Pine’s spirit.

“This is incredible,” said Jason Hackney, one of about 10,000 fans. “The thing that doesn’t wear a mask is back!”

Many fans have come out for the local big names, including Phil Mickelson And Xander Schauffele. All this happened at an interesting moment when new faces appeared in the crowd.

“Yes, this is the first game I participated in,” Alex Nemerov said. He started playing golf during the pandemic and became obsessed with it. Now, his new love for the sport has taken another step forward. “It’s great! We can stand by the tee and watch Phil and Xander tee off.”

For those who want to come out on Friday or this weekend, please make sure you already have the tickets as they are sold out. For those who have them, take a page from David Emmerick’s book: Be prepared.

“Long sleeves! And sun protection!” he said. “Never wear sandals, even at 100 degrees! Swimsuits are good, but sandals are not allowed.”

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